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Experiences at doctorSHARE in Jakarta and Beyond: Volunteering for 4 Weeks (1st-26th of August 2016)

We are Jendrik and Laura, two students from Germany who decided in early 2016 to participate in a voluntary project in the next summer holidays. This one month was a fantastic experience for us.

Who Said That Papuans Are Scary?

“Unknown, unloved.” This common Indonesian proverb, which means that it’s impossible to love someone without knowing the person, is often used when referring to the people of Papua. This is due to the fact that little is known about the inhabitants of Papua throughout Indonesia except for a lot of negative stereotypes.

The Flying Doctors and The Suffering of the People of Papua in Their Rich Land

It was my first experience with the team from the Flying Doctors program and also my first journey to a province located at the eastern edge of Indonesia. That area is very rich in traditions, culture and also nature: Papua.

Humanize The People of Papua

One of the sons of the local Moni tribe in the Intan Jaya Regency, Papua named Tipagau Marten, made an interesting statement: He said that the demand of the people of Papua is actually one simple thing: to be humanized. Marten repeated the word "humanize" frequently to emphasize this urgent need of the people of Papua.

Social Work at South Lampung, Starting Point to Conflict Resolution

This article aims to show the importance of the role of non-state agents, especially nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations (such as doctorSHARE), in reconciling the conflicting parties who tend to hold their grounds.

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