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Their Wounds are Ours

We got trapped between two tribal-based groups at war that fought each other with guns as well as bow and arrow. The reason for that are the different political opinions regarding the local elections. A portrait of democracy in Sugapa, Intan Jaya, Papua.

The Concrete Disaster of the Pidie Jaya Earthquake

Some of these traditional buildings in Pidie Jaya, Aceh, were erected nearly 300 years ago and still haven’t collapsed. But why did the people of Aceh abandon their traditional ways of constructing their wooden buildings which have proven to save their lives in case of an earthquake?

"Listening" To Noah's Agony: A Little Child With A Big Abdomen

21st October 2016, Martha left Kei Besar, South-East Moluccas, for Jakarta only for one reason i.e to have her beloved son, Noah Yehubebyanan (2 years old), cured. This cheerful little boy had a big abdomen diagnosed as "morbus hirschsprung". Arrived in Jakarta, Noah's abdominal circumference measured to 82 cm.

Hope for the School Athlete

Nasir is an athlete that is often chosen as the school representative for sport competitions between schools. Unfortunately he suffered from a hernia . Pain didn’t stop his desire to keep playing. His parents were worried about Nasir’s future, until he was operated by doctorSHARE's team aboard the Floating Hospital "Nusa Waluya I" at East Muara Sabak, East Tanjung Jabung District, Jambi.

Freedom To, Freedom From

With decades of Indonesia’s past dominated by a centralized approach in politics and resource management, it is not surprising that many peripheral areas, which are rich in natural resources, have been left severely underdeveloped. This has not only paved the way for separatist movements but also left those who were willing to align with the policy feeling neglected and unwanted.

Contextualizing Education

When we talk about providing education in areas that have been neglected for years, we talk about areas that have yet to be fully developed regarding to their basic infrastructure. They are located mostly on the outskirts of Indonesia. We often recognize a necessity of educating the people living within these areas from a top-down developmental approach.

Pain-free circumcisions aboard the Floating Hospital "Nusa Waluya I"

A tense feeling was reflected on the face of the 7-year-old boy. The cheerful smile, which had been on his face when he arrived at the Floating Hospital “Nusa Waluya I” with family and friends, had faded. The Nusa Waluya I docked off the coast close to the Riwang village, Batu Engau, East Kalimantan (Borneo).

No More Razor-Blades On Foreskin

Due to the lack of medical personnel, circumcision procedures in the Tahalupu Village, West Seram, are still performed using traditional techniques without anesthesia and with razor blades. A modern circumcision procedure performed by a team from doctorSHARE aboard a Floating Hospital prevents the young boys from undergoing this painful process.

Sausapor, A Longing Outcry for Medical Staff

"In an attempt to set up medical infrastructure, almost all districts have built Community Health Centers. However, our main problem is the lack of medical staff,” said the Secretary of the Health Department of the Tambrauw Regency John. E.P. Smas. This lack of medical staff causes major difficulties for the residents.

The New Life of Livia

Elya Rosida was really glad. Her eyes were filled with tears thinking of her youngest daughter being able to go back to school. “This morning, Via’s teacher called me. She asked for her condition. I said to her: You will be surprised when you see Via. A new student is going to come to school tomorrow!”

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