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doctorSHARE (Bahasa Indonesia: Yayasan Dokter Peduli) is a nonprofit organization focusing on free medical health medical services and humanitarian aid. doctorSHARE was officially founded in 2009.

doctorSHARE provides medical access in a holistic, independent, and impartial manner for people who are considered poor and do not have a welfare identification card. This status is often caused by domicile administration issues. As a result, the people have no health insurance and can’t access free health care services provided by the government. We help those who are socially excluded from health services and ostracized by society, those who are trapped in crisis, and those who suffer from epidemics and malnutrition. doctorSHARE also educates communities through health campaigns and guidance.

Individuals involved in doctorSHARE share their talents and skills to achieve the vision and mission of doctorSHARE in accordance with the principles of humanity and medical ethics. Many of them were active in the grassroots movement in 1998, a crisis of political, economic, and social instability, which shattered Indonesia while natural disasters claimed many victims all across Indonesia.

Currently, doctorSHARE is supported by surgeons, doctors, nurses, and professionals such as journalists, administrators, photographers, graphic/web designers, information technology experts, entrepreneurs, social workers, and a number of individual donors. We invite those who are driven to share their professional skills to support the programs in order to provide and restore health care for the underprivileged in our society.