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Assistance for Public Health

In our attempt to promote a healthier life for the wellbeing of the community, we need to socialize more programs to enable people to maintain personal health and the health of their family. In this way they will become less dependent to public health services that most often difficult to access or unreachable/unaffordable.

doctorSHARE strives to provide various health assistance as for preventive attempt. The main objective is to enable active participation and empower local people from early days to take a good care of their health and their families as for prevention from disease.

To realize this vision, doctorSHARE continues to collaborate with many health associations; one of them is Care Channels International Indonesia (CCI Indonesia) in delivering health counseling to communities in some places in Jakarta, for instance Pasar Baru, Tangerang, Kampung Sawah Semper, and Cempaka Mas, since February 2010. 

Health counseling were delivered in an interactive manner to parents and children regarding many health issues: ranging from washing hands and brushing teeth properly to delivering explanation related to various diseases and how to prevent them such as dengue fever, diarrhea, HIV/AIDS, etc. These assistance programs are being combined with access to public health service such as free medical treatment, provision of nutritious food, vitamin, and vermicide. 

Medical Campaign

As part of medical campaign to expose health issues and its solution, doctorSHARE continuously publishes medical reports, bulletin and articles related to health and nutrient in Indonesia. We conducted this campaign through offline (direct visit to local communities) and online channel (website, mass media, and social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).

Free Treatment & Major/Minor Surgery

doctorSHARE continuously holds free medical treatment for people lived in poverty in many areas in the country, ranging from big cities to remote areas. The health service that we conduct includes providing free medical treatment, and major/minor surgery. In the nearest future, we plan to include a general check up for teeth and eyes in our health service to the community. 

On March 2nd, 2008 in Tegal, Central Java, doctorSHARE team were listed in Indonesian Record Museum (“Museum Rekor Indonesia” or “MURI”) as to provide “ Health check up and free medical treatment for the largest number of patient ( 11,136 people) at the same time in the same place”.  This achievement was not the only recognition granted to us as we managed to break new record on October 15th, 2011 when doctorSHARE team together with BRIMOB POLRI (a special taskforce in Indonesian police department) held similar public health service to 12,580 patients. 

Humanitarian Aid for Natural Disasters

Geographically speaking, Indonesia is perfectly located within three (3) continents that position it as a highly risky area to natural disasters such as earthquake, volcanic eruption, and tsunami.  The effect of global warming also affected to the increment level of sea water and the extent of mosquito’s inhabitant that potential to cause dengue fever. Apart from natural disasters, Indonesia also risky for man-made disasters for instance forest fires, avalanche, and flood.
Risk of social conflict related to racisms and different religion also often to happen. When those natural disaster, man-made disaster, and social conflict occurs, people live in poverty and with limited access to public health service would be the most (potential) vulnerable victim. 

doctorSHARE strives to be on site at the earliest possible when those kinds of disaster/ conflict happened. The team’s presence is expected to actively provide humanitarian aid such as medical assistance and emergency treatment for disaster victims all over the country. 

doctorSHARE team have lots of experience in providing humanitarian aid for victims of various natural disasters; to mention a few (but not limited to) victims of earthquake and tsunami in Aceh,  North Sumatra, Mentawai, Padang, Bengkulu, West Java, Jogjakarta; volcanic eruption in Malang, Kediri, and North Sumatra; avalanche in Sulawesi and Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara; severe flood in Jakarta and many other cities in Indonesia. 

Late 2013, due to massive damage caused by Haiyan storm in the Philippines, doctorSHARE also actively involved in providing health assistance by sending medical team to the neighboring country to reach the inaccessible areas (specifically located in Ilo-Ilo and Tibiao).