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Therapeutic Feeding Centre (TFC) 

TTherapeutic Feeding Centre (TFC) known as “Panti Rawat Gizi” (“PRG”) is our program in providing health treatment to children with malnutrition (and related diseases) that is expected to:
    • Handle problems related to malnutrition
    • Provide public health service in good quality yet affordable for people live in poverty
    • Become a pilot project to enable  TFC development in many other areas 
    • Help society to improve their nutritional status 

          The program designed for TFC is intended to improve children nutrition, cure the related diseases, and change lifestyle of the family (or caregiver) to the pattern of clean and healthy living. 

          The first TFC doctorSHARE was established in March 28th, 2009 located in Pulau Kei Besar, Southeast Moluccas. 

          The second facility established in April 12th, 2009 in Loon village, Pulau Kei Kecil, Southeast Moluccas. The health facilities available in this TFC included caring room for 5 to 7 children with one caregiver for each child. The health treatment package is designed for a ranging of 28 to 90 days of in-house treatment until the child’s nutritional status improved.