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26 March 2009, doctorSHARE performed medical services for free in Langgur, Kei Kecil - Southeast Maluku. While establishing a surgery, all of a sudden a mother was bringing her daughter who was 9 years old with pinched intestine. They had been sailing for three days and two nights across the sea. According to medical theory, someone with a pinched intestine must be operated in 6-8 hours. Then the girl was getting a surgery and finally she was fully recovered.

That incident is very evocative for dr. Lie A. Darmawan, PhD, FICS, Sp.B, Sp.BTKV the founder of doctorSHARE (Doctor Care Foundation). The shadow of the girl always came to his mind. Then he took an initiative to do something for those who do not get proper medical services due to geographical constraints and financial condition. The main idea is "pick up the ball" through the Mobile Hospital or the Floating Hospital on a ship.

As an archipelago, Indonesia still must do many things to provide medical services as mandated by the Constitution of 1945. Many underprivileged residents have not received adequate medical care. The research was started. It is known that large ship for Floating Hospital doesn’t suit with the Indonesia‘s condition because it is difficult to be docked to small islands. Besides, the type of vessel made of fiber is also too light and will be leaked as soon as it hit the reef.

In Seattle, United States - dr. Lie A. Dharmawan visited the ship museum and observed that a hundred-year-old wooden ships is still in excellent condition. From the library there, there is an article wrote that the best type of wood for the ship is ironwood and it grows in Indonesia and Philippines.

When returned to Indonesia, dr. Lie started to look for timber ships and finally found a cargo ship in Palembang. The phinisi ship was eventually purchased in 2012. The ship can load up to 250 tons of goods and able to sail from Palembang towards Riau, Batam, and so forth. With these qualifications, The Floating Hospital can stand on this ship.

The draft of the ship is about 4.4 meters. The rooms were also began to be established in the hull. This condition is very advantageous because the jolt that will be occurred during a surgery (surgery) on the hull is far less than if you had to do it over the deck. After remodeling the ship, dr. Lie Dharmawan Floating Hospital was born. It consists of two floors. The lower floor is used as Rontgen Room, ECG, USG, and Laboratory. In the upper floor consists of Surgical Room, Resuscitation Room, Doctor Room, and so forth.

dr. Lie Dharmawan Floating Hospital which is owned by doctorSHARE sailed for medical services maiden test on March 16, 2013 to the Thousand Islands and legitimated on June 6, 2013. It is the first private floating hospital in Indonesia. The small size of this floating hospital makes it is able to enter the small islands across Indonesia. The floating hospital has sailed to the islands in West and East part of Indonesia, to carry out hundreds of major and minor surgery, as well as health care for thousands of people.

The Facilities
dr. Lie Dharmawan Floating Hospital provides health care to underprivileged people with standard hospital facilities. Surgery rooms are equipped with various types of equipments such as a vaporizer, suction, patient monitors, electrocauter, electrocardiogram, and so forth.

The rooms in the dr. Lie Dharmawan Floating Hospital
1. Surgery Room
2. Resuscitation Room
3. USG (ultrasonography)
4. ECG (Electrocardiography)
5. Hospitalization Room
6. Laboratory

The Profile
Name of Ship : KM RSA DR. LIE Dharmawan
National flag: INDONESIA
Gross Tonnage (GT): 173 GT
Net Tonnage (NT): 52 NT

Main engine: MITSUBISHI 8 DC11 - PK 340
Auxiliary engine: DOMPENG 1994, JIANG DONG 2012

Selar Sign : GT.173 No. 6786 / Bc
Year of Construction: 2008
Prime Mover: Motor
Main Ingredients Ships: Wood
Number of decks: One
Number Propeller: One

Ship length: 23.13 meters
Ship Width: 6.82 meters
Ship Draft: 4.40 meters

Speed ​​of Boat
a. Maximum: 10 KNOTS
b. Normal: 8 KNOTS
c. Economical: 6 KNOTS

Main Tank Capacity: 5,000 liters
Backup Tank capacity: 2,200 liters
Ship Type: Pinisi