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Vision & Mission


Empowering people to come out of the suffering holistically by their own power. 



Improving Indonesia's health outcomes, particularly in the eastern parts through holistic healthcare services and innovative sustainable programs with the spirit of volunteerism.



Integrity, sharing, love, mutual trust and respect. The strength of the team lies in the sense of responsibility, adaptability, and inclusive nature.



doctorShare is an organization based on volunteer work and charity. Activities are not intended to seek or collect profits.


Humanitarian Acts

Our work is based on the humanitarian principles of medical ethics. doctorSHARE is committed to bring quality health care to people trapped in crisis regardless of their race, ethnicity, tribe, religion, denomination, or political affiliation.


Participation and Sharing Knowledge 

We believe that every individual has talents, skills and capabilities that can contribute to solve many social problems, especially health care related ones, when united in noble purpose.



We operate independently and free from the influence of any interest groups, classes, political affiliation, military, business, or religion.



Being neutral, without choosing sides of parties involved in conflict and providing health care services independently to improve access for victims of conflicts as required by international humanitarian law.


Bearing Witness & Speak Out

While providing humanitarian assistance to the victims of violence, riots, natural disasters and conflicts, we act as observers. 

People need to be educated, not just receive help

We speak in public or in private meetings to draw public attention to the critical needs of the people that we help. Additionally, we also challenge the diversion of humanitarian aid based on political interests.