Five-Year Medical Services doctorSHARE


(JAKARTA)  Friday, 21 November 2014, doctorSHARE (Yayasan Dokter Peduli) held a celebration the founding of doctorSHARE for the fifth year. The theme of this event was “5 Years Wading Through The Archipelago to Spread The Love”, which was held at Integrity Convention Centre (ICC), Mega glodok Kemayoran, Jalan Raya Angkasa Kav. B6 Jakarta Pusat pk 18.00 WIB until finished.


The 5th anniversary celebration of doctorSHARE also served as a charity night event that was filled with numerous performances by Tompi, Dorce, Friend and Co Band, Syandara Indonesia, Perempuan Indonesia Tionghoa (PINTI), and many others besides showing the flashback of doctorSHARE journey that started in 2009 to now, and medical service programs in 2015.


doctorSHARE (Yayasan Dokter Peduli) inaugurated in 2009, yet it has taken part in humanitarian assistance and cooperated with various organizations in health care sector since 2003. Since 2009, doctorSHARE has contributed in medical services for communities across Indonesia, especially for those who live in remote areas.


After evaluating and restructuring (post 2009), doctorSHARE inaugurated with legal status. doctorSHARE’s programs were expanded from just short term social services became more holistic and sustainable medical services.


The vision of doctorShare is to save lives and alleviate the suffering of people who trapped in crises so that they can get up and rebuild their lives. This vision is realized through various medical service programs that run consistently.


Various programs conducted as followed:

  1. General health treatment
  2. Therapeutic Feeding Center in Kei Island, South East Maluki (since 2009)
  3. Assistance/Health Education:
    1. Health campaign through the use of social media (since 2009)
    2. Health education and Feeding Program collaboration with Care Channels Indonesia (CCI) in Kampung Sawah, Semper, North Jakarta (since 2010).
    3. The floating hospital (since 2013)
    4. doctorSHARE clinic, which located in doctorSHARE’s Secretariat office  (since 2014)


doctorSHARE’s medical service in 2014 recorded there were 120 major surgery cases, 297 minor surgery cases, 10.444 patients received general health treatments, health education to 2.529 students, USG (ultrasonografi) examination on 231 pregnant women, as well as nutritional treatment to 341 babies.


Generally, doctorSHARE has handled 209 major surgery cases, 553 minor surgery cases, 136 cataract surgeries, general health treatment to 61.900 patients, health education for 4.448 students, USG examination on 231 pregnant women, nutritional handling of 341 babies, and caring for 105 children in Therapeutic Feeding Center for these five years, since 2009 – 2014.


All the medical services conducted for free for the people who needed and lived in various isolated districts in Indonesia, even overseas. In 2013, doctorSHARE went overseas for the first time conducting its medical service, which was for Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.


In 2015, doctorSHARE will keep innovating with new programs such as bringing the second Floating Hospital that made from iron, which will collaborate with the first Floating Hospital that made from ironwood (dr. Lie Dharmawan’s Floating Hospital).


These routes are planned for medical services using The Floating Hospital included Nias, Padang (West Sumatera), Mentawai (West Sumatera), Lampung, Sumenep (Madura), Sambas (West Kalimantan), Banjarmasin (South Banjarmasin), Kutai (East Kalimantan), Sumba (East Nusa Tenggara), Sumbawa (West Nusa Tenggara), Merauke (Papua), Fak-Fak (Papua), Kei Besar (Southeast Maluku), Kei Kecil (Southeast Maluku), Saumlaki (Maluku Tenggara Barat), Tanimbar (Maluku Tenggara Barat), and Lhokseumawe (Aceh).


Besides the existed programs such as The Floating Hospital, Therapeutic Feeding Center, health education and Feeding Centre collaborates with Care Channels Indonesia (CCI), doctorSHARE also develops new programs such as telemedicine or the use of telecommunication for sharing information and long-distance medical services uses the latest technology such as video conference.


In running its medical services, doctorSHARE placed itself as partners to all parties to bring prosperous and equitable societies. Over time, the member of docotorSHARE increases to 200 people scattered in many districts in Indonesia and other countries. doctorSHARE became a modern organization that emphasizes on creativity and accountability principles.


In its financial perspective, 82% funds received by doctorSHARE came from the citizens, which then used to run the programs. Only 18% funds were used to fund the management. doctorSHARE also audited by an independent auditor with predicate result “Neutral Following Accounting Standards Compliance in Indonesia“.


In the long-term, doctorSHARE started to collaborate internationally such as with the United States, Germany, Canada, and others in order to develop the networking and doctorSHARE’s sharpen visions in people empowerment that are not only curative, but also preventive towards the realization of Healthy Indonesia.


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