RSA Nusa Waluya II Renovation Updates

RSA Nusa Waluya II Renovation Updates

12 Nopember 2017

To all of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers, 

In this update, we'd like to start by saying thank you for all your support and partnership extended.

As we look back, the Concerto and Art Auction Charity Night organized by Lions Clubs Indonesia District 307A1 for doctorSHARE at Dharmawangsa Hotel in April 2017 was truly a milestone and a momentous evening that we'll never forget. With six spectacular artwork from the best contemporary artists in Indonesia, we raised a stunning 5.2 billion rupiah for the building of doctorSHARE's 3rd Floating Hospital (RSA Nusa Waluya II); an amount we can assure was above and beyond our team's expectations - and we could not have done this without your support.

We'd like to take this chance also to note some special thank yous again to Lions Clubs Indonesia District 307A1, CAN'S Gallery, ISA Art Advisory, ROH Project, LAFLO and Dharmawangsa Group for an incredible partnership, as well as Ananda Sukarlan and Mariska Setiawan for serenading us all with such beautiful tunes. 

Since then, we have spent the summer months consolidating all the funds as well as strengthened our internal team in order to support the expansion of doctorSHARE's field operations. We have invited and finalized two new members into the Board of Directors of the Yayasan and also sought for legal and tax guidance to find the best tax-efficient scheme for this renovation process for as much to our unfortunate surprise, we found that even Yayasans are taxed. Nonetheless, with the guidance of a stronger Board as well as BDO Indonesia's and PB Taxand's consultancy, we have managed to move along in our renovation process. 

While all the above have led to a slight push-back to our renovation and launching of RSA Nusa Waluya II, we have coordinated with PT. MASA, our maritime partner for this renovation, to come alongside in rescheduling a new timeline - targeted to finish by March 2018, just in time for the window of appropriate weather in the region of Maluku Tenggara Barat (MTB) where our pilot stage is at. 

Operational Readiness
In parallel, our team has placed great efforts to start preparing RSA Nusa Waluya II's operational readiness. With the guidance and support of RS Royal Progress's management team, we have begun putting together the clinical pathways, standard operating procedures, hospital management systems as well as preparing for the recruitment of the team that will be on-board RSA Nusa Waluya II.

Renovation Progress
While much of September was spent in procuring materials for the renovation as well several medical equipments (and is still ongoing throughout the project), we officially "broke ground" in October at PT. SJL Shipyard, PT. MASA's shipyard arm located in Buluminung, Kalimantan. In this Floating Repair stage, the team have begun Deck Outfitting work - replacing the manhole internal tanks, fabricating the rampway, doubling the container shells of the hull. On the Mechanical work-end, our team have dismantled equipment as well as serviced the provisional crane. The interior walls and panels of the main deck of the barge have also been cleared out to give way for the new layout of the barge.

We'd like to make a special mention to several sponsors who have kindly extended their generosity in coming alongside in this renovation.

    • Vinyl Material & Installation - PT. Rukun Cipta Sukses
    • Kitchen & Laundry Equipment - PT. Rotaryana

We continue to urgently seek for sponsorship support for the below items (pending to be procured) as any savings from this renovation stage can be utilised for the operational funds of RSA Nusa Waluya II. Should any of the items below is of relevance or interest, please contact Julia Tan ( / +62 89661669889).