9 April 2016

doctorSHARE Medical Services in Atambua, East Nusa Tenggara (April 2 – 8, 2016)


im doctorSHARE arrived at Atapupu Harbor, Kakulukmesak District, Belu Regency, Atambua on Saturday (2/4). The day before, the team had arrived in Atambua and went straight to the Regent’s Office of Belu Regency to coordinate with the Local Government, especially the Head of the Health Office of Belu Regency, Atambua, Mrs. Theresia M. Saik, M.Kes.

The doctorSHARE medical service in Atambua titled “Building Healthy Communities Towards a Prosperous Belu Regency” deployed 19 medical volunteers and 5 non-medical volunteers, plus 5 crew members.

The service took place from April 2 to 8, 2016 in the form of general medicine (528 patients), obgyn examination (72 patients), minor surgery (55 patients), and major surgery (19 patients).

On April 7, 2016, the team conducted general medical treatment at Atapupu Community Health Center, Kakulukmesak District, Belu Regency. The number of patients was 528 with most cases of respiratory tract infection (ISPA), digestive disorders (dyspepsia), muscle pain (myalgia), high blood pressure (hypertension), and headache (cephalgia).

On the same day, the team conducted counseling at SMPK ST Petrus Dualilu Atapupu, Mota’ain, Atambua. The counseling, which was attended by 136 students with the material “Juvenile Delinquency”, illustrated how students should deal with puberty and maintain relationships.

The Regent of Belu, Willybrodus Lay, also visited the Floating Hospital to see the medical service activities. According to him, doctorSHARE’s activities are very positive and an oasis in the midst of drought due to the long dry season in Belu. “We, the people of Belu, accept the doctorSHARE group as good and caring friends,” he said.

The friendship between the Belu District Government and doctorSHARE was marked by the appointment of Dr. Lie Dharmawan as a Belu family (4/4), complete with a traditional ceremony.

“Even though we are far away, there are still our brothers and sisters who are able to see from other places,” Willy added in his speech of appointment of Dr. Lie Dharmawan as a Belu citizen. With the ceremony over, Dr. Lie Dharmawan has the additional name Manek, making him Dr. Manek Lie Dharmawan.

Overall, the medical services in Atambua went smoothly thanks to the support and good cooperation with the local government and local medical personnel. “Hopefully, we will be able to provide medical services in Belu Regency again this year,” said Dr. Ivan Chrismast, field coordinator of doctorSHARE’s Atambua medical service.