10 April 2017

doctorSHARE Medical Services with SAFETY TEAM in Kohod Village, Tangerang (April 9, 2017)


Monday, April 9, 2017, doctorSHARE team in collaboration with SAFETY TEAM conducted medical services in the form of general medicine in Kalibaru Ilir RT 07/RW 08, Pakuaji – Tangerang (Kohod Village) as a form of concern for the people who really need it.

Every day, most of the people in Kohod Village work as factory workers, laundry workers, and sharecroppers whose land is not their own. Their poor financial condition requires them to work hard.

In addition, the distance to the nearest health center takes 30 minutes. As a result, residents choose to ignore their illness if it is not too urgent. The need for proper medical services was so high that we decided to organize a medical service here.

The general medical treatment in Kohod Village took place from 09:30 to 15:00 WIB. The number of patients reached 80 people with the most common diseases being hypertension (high blood pressure), myalgia (muscle pain), and dyspepsia (stomach pain). The number of people with stiffness and muscle pain is thought to be closely correlated with their daily work.

In addition to general treatment, the doctorSHARE team also checked blood sugar (9 people), cholesterol (5 people), and uric acid (19 people). At the same time, SAFETY TEAM also distributed gifts. doctorSHARE hopes that cooperation with SAFETY TEAM and other communities can continue so that medical services to residents in need are maximized.