14 July 2017

Be a Miracle to the Neighborhood


DoctorSHARE’s medical work in remote areas is in line with Nick Vujicic, an American motivator: “If you don’t get a miracle, be a miracle yourself”. For me, doctorSHARE has become a miracle for those who have been in need of help.

It started when I saw doctorSHARE’s efforts to raise funds by selling merchandise in the office area where I used to work. While buying some merchandise, I asked one of the team members about how to volunteer.

I was advised to visit the doctorSHARE secretariat office in Mega Glodok Kemayoran, Jakarta. On August 30, 2016, I visited the office and met with Mrs. Lucy Tawara. She guided me to meet Dr. Herliana Yusuf from the Flying Doctors Division. Subsequently, Dr. Herliana Yusuf invited me to join as a volunteer under her leadership.

Since September 5, 2016, I have been actively volunteering with doctorSHARE. Finally, I was able to realize my heart’s desire that has been lingering for years to do something beneficial for others in a social organization.

The first area of service I was offered was to review agreements made between doctorSHARE and other parties. Due to the amount of work, I also helped handle the work of other divisions such as helping the Media Division translate medical service video narratives, search for some data, and help the secretariat recap donor data.

In addition, I also helped the Logistics Division prepare logistical needs for medical services that will be carried out at RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan and RSA Nusa Waluya I. At doctorSHARE’s 7th anniversary event, I became a member of the consumption team, I also represented the Media Division to attend a workshop on social media, and there are definitely new things that I will be working on in the future.

Everything I did with doctorSHARE was very interesting and memorable. In my perspective, something big must be made up of small things – just like a magnificent building made up of bricks, cement and paint or like our body made up of various organs.

These small parts combine into a whole that cannot stand alone. Thus, doctorSHARE can realize its vision starting from small things done by each volunteer, in collaboration with the government, and other elements of society.

I gained many valuable things during my time as a volunteer. Besides gaining knowledge about team building, conflict management, and time management, I also learned about the use of social media for non-profit organizations. I also got to know a bit about medicine, made new friends, and most importantly, learned to practice love through a life that benefits the surrounding environment.

Mother Teresa once said that “In this life, we cannot always do big things. But we can do many small things with great love.” Just like Mother Teresa, Dr. Lie Dharmawan, the founder of doctorSHARE, also became my role model. I remember him saying, “if we are proud to be Indonesian, let’s do what we can do.”

The commitment of each volunteer makes doctorSHARE remain consistent in being an extension of God’s hand in showing His love to many people. Why? Because the core of life is love and service. Love is the seed of service that ultimately enables us to make a positive impact. No matter how small we do for others, we are serving God.

Service to God is not only limited to doing religious activities but from our daily lives that bring benefits to others.

We cannot claim to love God if we do not prove our love to the invisible first, namely humans and other creatures of God (nature, animals, plants, and so on). Serving is proof of our love for others as well as our Creator. Referring to the first paragraph of this article, I invite all of you to be a miracle for those around us.