23 March 2018

RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan renovation in 2018


Rumah Sakit Apung (RSA) dr. Lie Dharmawan continued to sail from one place of medical service to another in 2017. Various wave, wind and weather conditions were encountered during the voyage. The eastern part of Indonesia is still the concentration of RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan’s medical service program.

Seven medical service locations were visited by RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan throughout 2017. The journey started from Jakarta to the first medical service locations in Jayapura Regency, Sarmi Regency, and Biak Numfor Regency, Papua Province. The journey continued to Morotai Island and Mayau Island, North Maluku Province. It ended in Banda Neira and Aru Islands, Maluku Province.

RSA Dr. Lie Dharmawan sailed back to Jakarta at the end of 2017. While docked in Jakarta, various renovations to the ship were carried out. The points of improvement of RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan in 2018 include:

Engine repair

  • Overhaul of the main engine of RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan. Engine overhaul is the disassembly of the engine and checking all components inside the engine. This aims to restore the performance or recondition the engine.
  • Repair of auxiliary engine. The auxiliary engine functions as a power generation machine. Electricity needs at RSA Dr. Lie Dharmawan are provided by two auxiliary engines that are turned on alternately and on schedule.
  • Installation of new anchors and anchor brackets connected to the anchor towing machine.


  • The exterior repairs started with patching the damaged fiber parts due to friction or collision.
  • Repainting the hull and deck.
  • Removal of barnacles on the hull. Barnacles are shelled marine animals measuring 2.5 – 75 centimeters that usually live in shallow waters or tidal areas. Once attached, barnacles will spend a lifetime in the same place.
  • Before adding the fiber layer and painting, the barnacles are usually ground to remove them from the hull.


  • Installation of vinyl-based flooring in the operating room. The use of vinyl flooring is considered the most appropriate to be applied on the floor of RSA Dr. Lie Dharmawan. Vinyl flooring is lightweight, flexible, resistant to shocks, and easy to maintain.
  • Repainting the floor in the corridors of the ship.

Supporting Facilities

  • Repair of the operating table. Previously the hydraulic table did not function properly, it could not be raised and lowered and bent. It has now been repaired to its original function.
  • Calibration of medical devices. Calibration is an activity carried out to determine the conventional truth of the value of the designation of measuring instruments and measuring materials. Calibration of medical devices is useful for testing and restoring accuracy according to standards.

The repair of the engine and exterior of RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan this time was assisted by PT Samudera Indonesia, a company engaged in shipping, transportation, and logistics. After the repair in Jakarta, RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan sailed to Semarang for docking at PT Samudera Indonesia’s shipyard. The vinyl flooring material and application in the operating room of RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan was assisted by PT Rukuncipta Sukses, a company that focuses on the sale and installation of premium quality building materials.

The renovation of RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan aims to keep the ship in top condition and ready to serve the people of Indonesia again in 2018. We would like to thank all donors and volunteers who have supported the continuity of our programs. We continue to develop various programs to create a healthier Indonesia.