30 August 2018

Flying Doctors Medical Service in Miangas Island, North Sulawesi (August 11 – 19, 2018)


The Flying Doctors program was again implemented in Miangas Island, Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi on August 11-19, 2018. doctorSHARE collaborated with various parties including the Talaud Islands Government, Sam Ratulangi University, and surgical specialists from Kandou Hospital, North Sulawesi. The number of volunteers who joined the medical service was nine people.

‘Healthy and Free Character of the Nation’s Fighters’ became the theme of medical services on the northernmost island of Indonesia. On August 12, 2018 the team arrived on Miangas Island and made preparations assisted by the local community, as well as the Nusantara Sehat team to screen minor surgical patients who would undergo surgery on August 13 – 16, 2018.

The team treated 14 minor surgery patients with the most cases including Lipoma, Atheroma Cyst, and Ganglion. In addition to minor surgery, the team also provided general medicine to 160 patients. The most common cases encountered during general treatment were Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI), Myalgia, Hypertension, Gastritis, and Tinea. Dental and oral examinations were also carried out in the Flying Doctors service this time.

After conducting medical service activities, the team also provided brief training on Basic Life Support (BHD), chronic acute wounds, and drowning to Miangas Health Center officers. The training was attended by 11 health workers from the Miangas Health Center and five members of Nusantara Sehat. The training was led by Dr. Nico Lumintang, Dr. Erikson, and Dr. Gerarrd from Sam Ratulangi University, Manado.

The volunteer team participated in the flag ceremony on August 17, 2018 on Miangas Island. This moment was a valuable opportunity for the Flying Doctors Team. The 73rd Indonesian Independence Day commemoration was decorated with a torch night which was attended by the community, government agencies, and members of the TNI and Polri. Everyone carried torches and traveled around the neighborhood singing national songs.

A surgeon specializing in medical services on Miangas Island, Dr. Nico Lumintang was happy to participate in the ceremony on the northernmost island of the country. As a resident of Manado, North Sulawesi, he often reads news about flag ceremonies on Miangas Island. Only this time did he find himself in the middle of the Miangas Island community to participate directly.

“It feels complete and solemn to follow the flag raising here, complete with rituals from border guard officers,” said Dr. Nico.

The head of the Miangas Community Health Center, Albert Nusa, stated that he was very happy with the arrival of the doctorSHARE team. According to him, since the end of last year there has been no general practitioner on duty in Miangas. There are six members of Nusantara Sehat on duty but no general practitioner. He claimed to be helped by the Flying Doctors team service program.

“It’s great that doctorSHARE can visit here to complement the Provincial Health Office which does services here every three months, but indeed the weakness is the stalled construction of the Miangas Health Center and the absence of doctors,” said Albert.