25 February 2019

Keeping the RSA in Top Condition


Sun, rain, waves, and wind were encountered by the Floating Hospital (RSA) dr. Lie Dharmawan throughout the 2018 medical service mission. Starting around April 2018, the voyage traveled from Jakarta to Southwest Maluku and then continued to Papua, Southeast Maluku, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, and ended in West Nusa Tenggara. Not an easy and short journey for this pinisi-type ship.

RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan is one of the supporting facilities when doctorSHARE volunteers carry out medical services. Natural factors and long journeys as mentioned earlier, require RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan to always be in good condition. RSA maintenance and repairs are carried out regularly every year to support medical services throughout Indonesia.

After a long journey in 2018, RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan sailed back to Jakarta to check the ship’s condition. In February 2019, the ship sailed again for maintenance and repair in Semarang, Central Java before starting its medical service mission in 2019. The maintenance and repair points of RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan in 2019 include:

Engine Maintenance

  • Top overhoul main engine. Engine overhaul is the dismantling of the engine and checking all engine components. The main engine is the engine that drives RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan to sail from one place to another.
  • General overhoul auxiliary engine. Auxiliary engine is a power plant or generator to provide electricity needs in RSA. There are two auxiliary engines in RSA that are used interchangeably.
  • Rudder stick and rudder leaf repair.
  • Repair of propeller or propeller drive.
  • Repair of anchor wing construction.
  • Construction of a winch control panel or machine to raise and lower the anchor and lifeboat.


  • Removal of barnacles on the hull. Barnacles are 2.5 – 7.5 cm shelled marine animals that usually live in shallow waters or tidal areas. If they are attached and not cleaned, barnacles will continue to live in the same place.
  • Addition of fiber layers damaged by impact or friction.
  • Repainting of the hull and decks.
  • Repair of railings and railing hinges. Railing functions as a fence or barrier on the edge of the ship so that people on board do not fall into the sea.


  • Patching of wall layers and ship frames.
  • Painting corridors and rooms inside the ship.

Supporting Facilities

  • Radio communication repair.
  • Checking and repairing standard ship safety equipment.
  • Fresh water tank patching.
  • Maintenance of air conditioners for ship rooms.

Checking and calibration of medical equipment.Just like the previous year, the maintenance and repair of RSA Dr. Lie Dharmawan was assisted by PT Yasa Wahana Tirta Samudera (YWTS). YWTS is a subsidiary of PT Samudera Indonesia that focuses on shipping and logistics. The RSA arrived at YWTS’ yard at Tanjung Mas Port, Semarang on February 7, 2019. Condition checks prior to maintenance and repair were carried out since RSA arrived.

On February 14, 2019, the RSA entered the yard and went into dock to begin maintenance and repairs. The ship was towed from the sea to land to facilitate the work. Dozens of experts in their fields were deployed to begin maintenance and repairs. The work on the RSA is planned to be completed on February 25, 2018.

The purpose of the maintenance and repair of RSA Dr. Lie Dharmawan is none other than to keep the ship in top condition so that it is ready to serve the people of Indonesia every year. We would like to thank all donors and volunteers who have supported the continuity of the RSA program. doctorSHARE continues to develop various programs to create a healthier Indonesia.