25 April 2019

Medical Services with RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan in Anambas Islands Regency, Riau Islands (March 20-29, 2019)


Floating Hospital (RSA) dr. Lie Dharmawan together with a team of doctorSHARE volunteers conducted the first medical service of 2019 in Nyamuk Village, East Siantan District, Anambas Islands Regency, Riau Islands on March 22-25, 2019. On this occasion doctorSHARE collaborated with various parties including the Anambas Islands Regency Government, SKK Migas, and Star Energy.

“Giving Heart to the Country” became the theme of the third medical service held in Anambas Islands Regency since 2017. There were 19 volunteers who participated in this medical service, consisting of 17 medical volunteers and two non-medical volunteers.

The departure of the volunteer team was divided into two, namely on Wednesday (3/20) and Friday (3/22), as well as the return on Wednesday (3/27) and Friday (3/29), given the limited number of airplane seats.

The medical services included three activities, namely medical centers, minor surgery, and major surgery. The medical center took place twice, in Mengkait Village on Thursday (21/3) and Nyamuk Village on Friday (22/3). A total of 291 patients participated, 211 from Mengkait Village and 80 from Nyamuk Village. The most common diseases were hypertension, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI), and muscle pain.

“On Mengkait Island, there are currently no nurses and midwives. That’s why we really want to go there. There we found four prospective patients for surgery. Initially, they only wanted medical treatment, but then we recommended surgery,” said Field Coordinator Dr. Christiani about the medical center on Mengkait Island. Of the four potential surgical patients, only two patients came to the RSA the next day.

“One of the two patients was a small child suffering from chronic appendicitis. After traveling three hours by pompong (boat) from Mengkait Island to Nyamuk Village, the patient was examined again and immediately operated on. You can imagine if his appendix ruptured, it would be a long and arduous journey to get adequate health facilities,” he adds.

At the treatment center, doctors from the volunteer team also conduct an initial examination (screening) to record and schedule the surgery time. After the examination, the doctors will recommend the patient for minor or major surgery depending on the case. Seven major surgery patients and 15 minor surgery patients have been treated by the team.

In addition to Nyamuk Village, the doctorSHARE team also examined residents in Batu Belah Village and Munjan Village which are still in East Siantan Sub-district on different islands. From the examination, the doctorSHARE team found several patients who immediately refused when they knew they would be dissected. There were four prospective surgical patients from Munjan Village but only one person came and was operated on.

“Many are afraid to come to the hospital, they are worried about the cost and so on. Even though we have socialized that all treatment is free of charge. But it takes time to raise people’s awareness of the importance of health,” said Nyamuk Village Head, Safaruddin.

“The challenge is to change the mindset of patients who initially did not want to be operated on. Because maybe now they (patients) are still not complaining about their illness and can still do their activities as usual,” said Dr. Christiani about the challenges of medical services this time. According to her, the government’s socialization for medical services this time was also not optimal so that many people did not know.

doctorSHARE also carried out various activities such as a visit from students of SMPN 1 Siantan Timur and SMAN 1 Siantan Timur to RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan on Friday (22/3), a visit from the Anambas Islands Government to RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan on Wednesday (27/3), and a blood type test service at SMPN 2 Siantan on Wednesday (27/3).

According to Safaruddin, the arrival of the doctorSHARE team also inspired students to go to medical school. “Many school children ask me how to become a doctor. It also sensitizes the community to immediately seek treatment at the hospital,” Safruddin added about doctorSHARE’s arrival in Nyamuk Village, East Siantan District.