13 November 2019

RSA Nusa Waluya II Medical Services for Central Sulawesi


doctorSHARE once again deployed volunteers for post-disaster recovery in Central Sulawesi. A total of 36 volunteers consisting of medical and non-medical volunteers were dispatched to Palu. In accordance with the previous plan, doctorSHARE’s second medical service for Central Sulawesi was carried out with the Nusa Waluya II Floating Hospital (RSA).

RSA Nusa Waluya II sailed from Balikpapan to Palu on Tuesday (11/13). After two days of sailing, doctorSHARE’s third RSA docked at Pantoloan Harbor, Palu City. The volunteer team arrived in Palu two days after the ship docked, on Thursday (11/15). The team immediately prepared everything needed for medical services that would be opened the next day.

The services provided at RSA Nusa Waluya II included post-disaster health rehabilitation such as general medicine, minor surgery, and major surgery. In addition, handling post-disaster psychological trauma and health counseling are also the focus of doctorSHARE in serving disaster-affected communities in Central Sulawesi.

During the five days of service at Pantoloan Port which started on Friday (16/11), the team has treated 1134 patients. This number includes 140 dental patients, 41 minor surgical patients, and 29 major surgical patients. Within five days, seven babies were born at RSA Nusa Waluya II, five by cesarean section (sectio caesaria) and two by normal birth.

The volunteer team was divided into two during the medical service, one team moved to the location and the other team served at RSA Nusa Waluya II. One team moved to locations where access was still cut off and health services were needed. The team provided general medical treatment and psychological trauma recovery at disaster-affected locations.

The service ended on Wednesday (21/11) and some team members consisting of specialists returned to their respective areas. Some team members consisting of general practitioners and midwives stayed at RSA Nusa Waluya II to continue opening health services for the community. The schedule for the arrival of specialist doctors will continue to be applied regularly.

Besides working for post-disaster recovery, RSA Nusa Waluya II also aims to help health facilities damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. People who need health services can directly come to RSA Nusa Waluya II at Pantoloan Harbor, Palu City, Central Sulawesi.

* * *

We open opportunities for doctorSHARE friends to support medical service activities in Central Sulawesi through donations. Donations can be made via transfer to BCA 198.550.7777 in the name of Yayasan Dokter Peduli with the caption Care for Palu Earthquake. You can also donate through doctorSHARE Paypal account or through Kitabisa.