24 February 2020

Urban Medical Services at Cilodong Detention Center, Depok (February 24, 2020)


The doctorSHARE volunteer team in the Urban Medical Services Division served the detainees in Class I Detention Center, Cilodong, Depok, West Java on February 24, 2020. The team consisted of 14 medical volunteers (doctors and nurses), 7 psychosocial team members and 3 non-medical volunteers. Overall, doctorSHARE urban medical service team served 344 prisoners, namely curative and psychosocial services.

The purpose of psychosocial services in this detention center is to help each prisoner to understand himself well, namely recognizing all the strengths and weaknesses that exist in him regarding talents, abilities, interests, attitudes, feelings in relation to his current position as a prisoner, his position and readiness after being released from prison. Understand his environment well, namely the social environment in prison, as well as the social environment he faces in the future.

At a deeper level, prisoners are expected to be able to make wise choices and decisions, namely decisions made on a deep understanding of themselves and the environment. Overcoming problems encountered in everyday life, both while in and after leaving the prison.

As a division originally named “Land Medical Services” (now “Urban Medical Services”), the focus of the division’s services is no longer on curative services alone, but involves promotional and preventive services. As part of the Urban Medical Service, the service of prisoners in detention centers in 2020 is something new, by prioritizing psychosocial aspects, without eliminating the curative aspects.

In the future, urban medical services will focus more on health education aspects (promotion and prevention) in all medical service locations (except medical services for religious holidays).

At the end of the activity, doctorSHARE handed over medicines and sports equipment for the residents. The activity ended with a friendly volleyball match, between the doctorSHARE team and the inmates of Cilodong Detention Center, Depok. This match was won by the inmates and won a cash prize of Rp 500,000 from doctorSHARE.

“doctorSHARE Media Team”