29 February 2020

Grandpa’s Training Spirit! So you can play with your grandchildren


For Emerikus Heatubun (69), farming and going to sea as before may only be a memory. The man who lives with his children and grandchildren in a simple house in Watsin village, Kei Besar, can only lie at home and can only move with the help of his family, due to an accident he experienced about two years ago when he fell in his garden. Severe pain and shortness of breath, which he has suffered from for the past 5 years, has forced Emerikus to spend his time resting at home with no activity, leading to shrinkage of muscle tissue.

We got to know him during a home visit in the framework of a physical rehabilitation program with Dr Elfrida, SpKFR in February 2020. The first impression we got was of a grandfather and father who already felt helpless and lost his zest for life. “My life is just waiting to be called by the Creator”, as he said in the local language for what he experienced.

We decided to provide family guidance on his condition by teaching some movements and activities to strengthen weak muscles and improve breathing. With family assistance and support in the rehabilitation process, Emerikus’ standard of living can undoubtedly be improved.

What this patient is experiencing is common in the elderly community. Decreased physical strength plus accompanying diseases, as well as family awareness regarding the condition of the elderly often hinder the process of empowering the elderly.

Growing old is irresistible, but quality of life must be maintained even until the end of life. In line with doctorSHARE’s vision and mission, we continue to strive to reach all levels of society, especially those who suffer and experience limitations to maximize their potential as experienced by Emerikus through family-based services with home visits. A big challenge but also a motivation for us to always give the best for the people we serve.

We closed the session by agreeing on a rehabilitation plan with the family and providing motivation and encouragement to him to continue to be empowered. Towards the end of the visit, Mr. Emerikus was seen shedding his tears. “Opa is strong, opa is excited to exercise every day so that you can play with your grandchildren. I’ll come back later’, we told him before saying goodbye.