13 October 2020

Medical services for Maluku residents


In order to improve the health level of the community in Aru Islands, Maluku, doctorSHARE Kei Besar Primary Clinic in collaboration with Aru Islands Parish, conducted medical services to the community in Beltubur and Karey Villages, Aru Islands Regency. This activity was held in conjunction with a series of Catholic school teacher meetings throughout the Aru Islands on October 9-10, 2020.

The team’s journey to the service location was not easy, the team encountered a number of obstacles ranging from transportation, weather and time and quite challenging natural conditions. The journey to the location passed through small rivers that branched out, until it entered the open waters. Even the ship used by the doctorSHARE volunteer team was shipwrecked for 18 hours due to low tide.

On the first day, medical services were carried out in Beltubur Village, Aru Islands Regency, which was preceded by counseling about the covid-19 pandemic that continues to haunt. The villagers were enthusiastic to participate in this free medical service initiated by doctorSHARE volunteers and the Aru Islands Parish, as evidenced by the data of 110 patients who participated in the service, with the most common complaint being hypertension.

In Beltubur Village, the medical team found a number of patients with diseases that require special treatment. Among them were a 20-year-old patient with left-sided weakness with a history of falling and a 24-year-old patient who experienced pain throughout the joints accompanied by fever and a red rash. With the complaints of these patients, the medical team decided to refer the patients to the hospital and will be treated by specialists.

On the second day, the team of volunteers continued to travel to the location of medical services to Karey Village, Aru Islands Regency. In this village, 83 residents received free medical services provided by doctorSHARE, with the most common complaint being ARI.

“doctorSHARE Media Team”