1 May 2021

Free medical treatment at the tip of Flores Island


DoctorSHARE volunteers by mobilizing RSA Dr. Lie Dharmawan conducted free medical treatment to residents at the northern tip of Flores Island, precisely in Patisirawalang Village, Larantuka Regency, Ntt. Medical services in this 3T area were carried out on April 26-29, 2021.

The journey to the location was not an easy one to pass. The team had to take the land route through Larantuka airport for approximately 4 hours, using a 4×4 vehicle provided by the local health center. Uphill and rocky roads make the team have to struggle to reach their destination. But the beauty of nature and the hospitality of the people erased all fatigue.

Upon arrival, the team of 17 volunteers was welcomed by the residents with a traditional welcoming ceremony, followed by dinner and directed to rest in the houses of the residents that had been provided.

Medical services in this village were carried out for 4 days at the local health facility, in the operating room of rsa dr lie dharmawan and the team implemented a ball pick-up system by visiting residents’ homes, located in the village and hamlets around Patisirawalang Village.

After providing medical services in Patisirawalang Village, Larantuka, the doctorSHARE team also traveled to Adonara Island, Ntt to serve people affected by flash floods caused by cyclones in early March.

During a total of 7 days of medical services in East Flores, the team managed to provide free treatment to 615 patients. Among them, 595 general patients, 10 minor surgery patients and 10 patients with birth control implants in collaboration with BKKBN. In addition to providing free medical treatment, the volunteer team also provided donations in the form of medicines, clothing, food and beverages and other assistance.

“doctorSHARE media team”