22 August 2021

Because of you, I’m not insecure anymore


Rizky Amelia Putri. Putri, as she is called. She’s outgoing and funny, but whenever she talks, she always hides her left hand behind her back. When she first came to RSA Nusa Waluya II, she even paused for a moment when asked what medical help she needed. After a while, wordlessly, Putri held out her left hand slowly.

“My fingers are like this,” she said softly.

Born in 1998, little Putri suffered an accident that burned her fingers when she was 10 months old. This incident had a long tail. The three fingers of her left hand were fused together and later made Putri grow into an insecure child especially when she entered adolescence and even more so when she became an adult girl.

“These tears sometimes flow by themselves. Ya Allah free my fingers,” Putri repeated the words of her prayer. “I just want to be a normal person like everyone else,” Putri added.

Tanjung Batu – Kundur Island, Putri’s birthplace, does have a Regional General Hospital (RSUD) but the lack of facilities and medical personnel has made Putri bury her dream of an operation to free her fingers. Like a bow yearning for the moon.

July 22, 2021 was the day Putri’s dream came true. On board the doctorSHARE floating hospital – RSA Nusa Waluya II, Putri underwent the first stage of finger liberation surgery. At this stage only two fingers were freed. August 20, 2021, Putri underwent stage II surgery again. This time all three of Putri’s fingers were successfully freed.

“I’ve been waiting for this opportunity all my life! Thanks to you I can live like the people out there,” said Putri stammeringly.

“Thanks to you I’m not inferior anymore. Thank you kind people, without you my fingers could not be free like now,” Putri continued to summarize all the gratitude that overflowed in her heart.

Putri now seems to have been born anew. She looks forward to the future with more enthusiasm than in previous years.

How lucky Rizky Amelia Putri is. But what about the other “Princesses” whose stories go unheard and whose conditions are untouched by much-needed medical services in various parts of the archipelago?

This is why doctorSHARE must not stop! The ship must keep sailing. Various programs and collaborations must be intensified. Pick up the ball, reach the unreachable, so that the fifth precept “Social justice for all Indonesian people” becomes a reality for everyone.