12 December 2021

Caesarean section story of RSA Nusa Waluya II in Kotabaru, South Kalimantan


The normal delivery process is a dream for mothers. There are also many advantages obtained through normal labor, including a faster postpartum recovery process, minimal bleeding, the baby’s body becomes more immune to viruses and also cheaper costs. However, not all mothers can give birth normally.

Fajjira was originally a patient at the Nusa Waluya II Floating Hospital in Kotabaru, South Kalimantan. She wanted to check her pregnancy with a doctorSHARE volunteer obstetrician and hoped that her condition was fine so that she could undergo normal labor.

After going through a series of examinations including the Covid – 19 test, the doctor advised the patient to undergo Caesarean delivery with the condition of malposition of breech baby delivery plus oligohydramnios (running out of amniotic fluid).

After discussing with the family, the patient finally decided to do the operation at RSA Nusa Waluya II. After an hour in the operating room, the baby boy was born safely. Ridwan was the name given to the new little prince.

Maimunah (the baby’s grandmother) said she was happy with the birth of her grandson.

“Thank you to the doctorSHARE team for helping my grandson’s delivery,” said Maimuna.

She hopes that her grandson will become a child who is the pride of the family, useful for the community, nation and country.

In 2021, doctorSHARE focuses on Maternal and Child Health programs. Some of the programs and approaches carried out are training midwives and pregnant women on the knowledge of comforting childbirth, IMD (early breastfeeding initiation), yoga and pregnancy exercises, lactation process for mothers, family planning installation, and education related to nutritious intake for mothers and children.

The program aims to increase the normal delivery rate, reduce maternal and child mortality and prevent stunting.