14 December 2021

Preparing the Heirs of Bumi Saijaan


Sa-ijaan! One accord, one heart and one mind. The motto of this Banjar language word is clearly reflected in the cohesiveness and enthusiasm of midwife Dewi and her friends in participating in a series of TOT (Training of Trainers) for midwives within three months of RSA Nusa Waluya II service in Kotabaru. The ANC training session opened with a seminar on October 16, 2021. The activity was delivered by a Sp. OG volunteer and 3 facilitators from doctorSHARE, attended by around 15 midwives (IBI Kotabaru) and 3 pregnant women.

Furthermore, Dewi and her friends participated in about six consecutive “Training of Midwives in the Formation of Mother’s Class” from October 30 to December 11, 2021. Located in the multipurpose room of RSA Nusa Waluya II, Dewi, Tatik and other participants were always enthusiastic every time the training took place.

“The material provided was exactly what we were looking for and very straightforward in its delivery,” said Dewi.

“First 1000 Days of Life, factors affecting labor, techniques to comfort labor, DCC and Delayed Bathing,

IMD, Maternal Nutrition, lactation, is everything for a midwife,” Dewi added, elaborating on the material she learned during the training.

Meanwhile, Dewi’s colleague Tatik had her own impression with the supporting tools introduced by the doctorSHARE facilitator team in this activity.

“Besides the module and pocket book, I was impressed with the yoga matt, gym ball, shawl, and other props in this training,” said Tatik.

“Creative and applicable for us midwives in this area,” Tatik added.

Bumi Bangkalaan – Kotabaru has around 110 small islands, 31 of which are not even named. This vast archipelago is only served by a total of 340 midwives, and even then the distribution is uneven.

Through ANC training for these midwife representatives, it is hoped that there will be a transfer of knowledge and skills to other midwives and cadres throughout Kotabaru. The doctorSHARE team reminded the participants that this process should not stop at the transfer of “knowledge” and skills, but how it is applied in the field.

“The bottom line is that every pregnant woman is expected to empower herself. Having access to services and information on skills/knowledge in maintaining the condition of their pregnancy to stay healthy, comforting the labor process, and lactation,” said Afifah Bahrak, A.Md.Keb as the person in charge of the Midwifery Clinic of RSA Nusa Waluya II.

As the main focus of doctorSHARE in 2021, such training is expected to improve the human resources of local midwives in accordance with the power of their health facilities in order to provide standardized services for pregnant and lactating women in the region.