15 December 2021

Medical Services for the Scavengers


Dokter Peduli foundation or doctorSHARE, again conducted urban medical services to friends. This time the service was carried out in Dusun I Bulurejo, Kel. Bulurejo Kec. Juwiring, Kab. Klaten, Central Java, on Sunday, 12/12/2021.

In this service doctorSHARE collaborated with Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation, Klaten District Health Office, Juwiring Health Center and local community leaders. The focus of the service was on friends who work as scavengers.

In this service, doctorSHARE involved 10 (ten) volunteers consisting of, 3 (three) general practitioners, 3 (three) nurses, and 4 (four) non-medical personnel who were all dispatched from Jakarta.

During the service the team managed to provide free treatment to 197 friends. The most common diseases found were Hypertension 66 people, Myalgia 42 people, Hypercholesterolemia 28 people, ARI 16 people.

In addition to providing free medical treatment, the team also distributed 97 free reading glasses and 100 packages of Pre-Prosperous Family Packages containing vitamins, snacks, masks and hand sanitizers.

After finishing serving friends in Klaten, Central Java, the team then shifted to Lumajang, East Java to help friends affected by the Mount Semeru eruption disaster.


“doctorSHARE Media Team”