23 March 2022

Flying Doctor Medical Services in Waropen, Papua


Earth milion mangroves, that is the nickname of Waropen Regency, Papua where medical services are carried out by the Flying Doctor doctorSHARE team, march 15 – 18, 2022. Waropen regency, is a division of Yapen Waropen Regency in 2003. Geographically Waropen is a coastal district with a cluster of two small islands and populated.

The district with a land area of 2,004.87 Km2 still has various challenges, especially in terms of health. Minimal medical facilities and infrastructure plus a limited number of professional health workers. Seeing that, doctorSHARE came with the same mission, namely to improve the health level of the our brothers and sisters there.

The services carried out by the Flying Doctor team inlolve 10 volunteers, 1 surgeon, 3 general practitioners, 3 nurses and 3 non-medical personnel. Medical services are carried out at 4 point, Kemonjaya Health Center, Urfas, Waren dan Batawa Health Center, Waropen Regency, Papua.

In four days, total general treatment patient is 732 patients and 43 minor surgery. This achievement is the highest record ever achieved by the Flying Doctor team in recent years. The most common diseases found were Myalgia, Hypertension, Ispa, Pterygium and Gastritis.

Aside from general treatment and minor surgery, the team collaborated with UNICEF and local healthcare workers to carry through a malaria rapid diagnostic tes (RDT). It was done considering the number of positive cases of malaria in Waropen Regency is quite high. From the results of examination to 357 resident, 54 positive cases were found. The next action taken was to provide a medical supplies and recovery control was carried out by local healthcare workers.




“doctorSHARE Media Team”