5 November 2022

Dr. Lie Dharmawan II Floating Hospital Reaches Karimata Island


After visiting the Tambelan area (Riau Islands) RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan II continued its voyage to Karimata Island, West Kalimantan. The journey started from Ketapang port with 17 team members crossing using the dr. Lie Dhrmawan Floating Hospital.

The first expedition in Kalimantan waters this time was full of exciting stories. During the trip, the ship ran aground because the sea water was too low on the way out of the ship from the upstream river to the sea, coupled with cloudy weather until the rain poured down. Once at the medical service location on Karimata Island, the dock was apparently too small and low so the ship often ran aground. During the service, the weather was also unpredictable, from scorching heat to heavy rain.

But it was all worth it with the warm welcome and enthusiasm of the community. The services ranged from ordinary medical treatment to surgery. The most popular service was the dental service. They lined up in droves and asked for tooth extraction, until the dentist’s hand trembled. For Obgyn services, many mothers could not come because of transportation constraints. For Obgyn services, many women could not come because of transportation problems. For this reason, some members of the volunteer team went down to the nearest village to reach patients with access problems.

During the three days of service (October 19 – 21, 2022), the service involved 16 medical personnel and 1 non-medical personnel. Despite the challenging weather, the Dr. Lie Dharmawan II Floating Hospital team managed to provide services to 320 patients, 14 minor operations and 4 major operations. The 5 most common diseases found were respectively Hypercholesterolemia, Hypertension, ARI, Dyspepsia, and Hyperuricemia.

Thank you for the assistance and participation of the relevant government, TNI / POLRI, to the donors and volunteers to doctorSHARE in reaching out to the people of Indonesia.