Long-terms Programs

EST. 2018
RSA Nusa Waluya II
doctorSHARE’s third floating hospital and the world’s 1st hospital barge, RSA Nusa Waluya II is a joint collaboration between doctorSHARE and PT. Multi Agung Sarana Ananda (MASA). The floating hospital will be the designated secondary-level health care facility for northern Tanimbar
EST. 2009
Therapeutic Feeding Center – Kei, Maluku
TFC is is doctorSHARE’s program in providing health treatment to children with malnutrition and related diseases. The program designed for TFC is intended to improve children nutrition, cure the related diseases, and change lifestyle of the family or caregiver to the pattern of clean and healthy living.
EST. 2019
Tuberculosis Program – Sentani, Papua
Tuberculosis Program in Papua is a long-term program aimed to reduce the prevalence of Tuberculosis in Papua through methods of identifying suspect, detection, refer and seek treatment for Tuberculosis cases. Tuberculosis Program aims to reduce prevalence of Tuberculosis through awareness, early detection and complete treatment of Tuberculosis suspects and community empowerment to become Pendamping Minum Obat (PMO) also serves as general clinic.
EST. 2015
In-City Clinic
The doctorSHARE clinic is one of doctorSHARE’s medical service programs for Jakarta and its surrounding areas. The doctorSHARE clinic presents medical services at affordable prices, so that they can be accessed by the general public and private parties domiciled around the clinic. Primary services provided covers general medicine, minor surgery, dental care and health consultation.
EST. 2013
Health Education
In order to increase public awareness of the importance of health, doctorSHARE established a Junior Doctor and Health Discussion program.

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