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Qualification :

  • Male / Female  25 – 35 years old
  • Bachelor Degree of: Hospital Administrasion (MARS), Economy, etc
  • Language: Intermediate English (Written)
  • Experience in same position in Non Profit Organization / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) min 3 year
  • Have good knowledge of Indonesian Society, Issues, and health
  • Have a proven program that held in any area of Indonesia within last 2 years which is created and executed directly
  • Have wide network in government, social organisation and other parties that can be potential partners of DS
  • Good communication skill and made business proposal & presentation
  • Good in analysing data of social welfare, etc


Job Description : 

  • To develop, supervise and execute all SOP in all programs
  • To ensure the holistic research analysis and protocols for long term and continuous impacts
  • To evaluate the impact of every programs and report it to Head of Programming
  • To form and develop “disaster respond units” with Head of Programming and ensure it can execute rapidly in helping disaster area
  • Made a clear and accurate mapping & planning for RSA 1 & 2 medical programs and yearly programs based on valid data
  • Responsible in development and evaluation of all RSA 1 & 2 program annual budget in every programs periodically
  • To coordinate with all level of managerial of doctorSHARE in the program’s planning to achieve the program implementation successfully
  • Report directly to Head of Programming

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