26 January 2016

Creating a Better Place on Our Earth


I, you, he, she, we were born, grew up, and live in a place that has many facilities in health, education, sports, playgrounds, recreational areas, and places to study.

I, You, Sehe, He, We can choose from a variety of courses and trainings, transportation options are available, signals are adequate for telecommunication links, get to know and use a wide variety of technological devices, from simple to high-level.

Various hobbies with odd trinkets can be fulfilled. Various doors, opportunities, roles and choices are available. For those who want to choose and practice, please try.

Until I, you, he, she, we know of a place where they were born in a remote place with minimal facilities. Morbidity and mortality rates were high, illiteracy was not uncommon, education from childhood was often not a priority. Over time, infrastructure development began. Roads were leveled, even paved, buildings began to be constructed.

And what came after?

There are places where people are so active in developing themselves. Started by some people who pursue higher education or learn as much as possible, aka absorbing knowledge from various experiences. Then they try to apply what they learned back home.

Organizing training, producing various works, variations in farming, encouraging early education and trying to show that education or school is one of the gates that can lead them to success in the future – realizing that education is an investment, not a waste of money.

Then, there are places that seem to be confined in a time capsule.

What it was 100 years ago still looks the same today, as if it has not been swept away by the tides of time and space. One land, diverse tribes, cultures, languages. Only a few understand the language of other tribes.

Communication was done through natural processes, gestures, hand signals, facial expressions, rain of arrows, swings of swords, throws of spears. Born in this situation, they did not know numbers, written language, immunization, let alone technology.

Then came those who tried to bring change and introduce new things. Some succeeded after going through the slap. What was thought, planned, and expected, turned out to be so different from reality, but they kept on trying.

Some despair, some change their approach or strategy, some stop trying.

Which one are we?

Joining the doctorSHARE team (Yayasan Dokter Peduli), having a place to share love, channeling expertise in the medical field and learning more, medically and non-medically. Increasingly grateful for many things. It is not appropriate to complain compared to what they face in various remote areas.

It crossed my mind that I was just a little speck of light. After going through some activities, seeing the response from the residents, how grateful they are, through a light pat on the shoulder, smiling so wide, stammering to express their gratitude, really disturbs the heart.

Even a small speck of light has meaning, especially when it joins other points of light.

Volunteers who are members of doctorSHARE come from various backgrounds. Medical and non-medical, with the premise that everyone has their own talents, skills and specialties, combined, will certainly produce the best thing to give.

Many heads, many minds with various backgrounds, various viewpoints, can produce amazingly good things, or disastrous things.

When everyone’s ego is so big, self-righteous and understanding, demanding to be heard and understood, but not willing to listen or try to understand, what happens? That’s why we need mental maturity and thought.

Realize that a good thing can be done because of the role and good cooperation of me, you, him, them, and all of us.

I am sure that we all want the same thing, which is to create a better place on this earth by contributing starting from simple things, starting from ourselves, until finally bringing changes as we hope to happen. Oh yes, not just hoping but also moving to make it happen. Shall we?

“Be The Change That You Wish To See In The World.” (Mahatma Gandhi)