28 February 2016

Mary’s Big Dream


“I want to be a doctor, Brother”, said a little girl in a corner of Papua.

Her name is Maria. Her face is radiant. The lightning in her eyes showed confidence in her aspirations. Even as I write this, I still remember those eyes, the eyes that dream of the future. She did not hesitate to lead her friends in singing. She also patiently helped distribute snacks to the small children who gathered behind our shelter that afternoon.

Her confidence is dazzling for a 5th grade girl in Papua. Her answers were straightforward, and she did not hesitate to answer our questions. It’s just that she was forced to give up and grimace with shame when she was unable to answer the fraction count question.

I was mesmerized by Maria. A little girl from Senggo Village, Tisain District, Keppi Regency. How brave she is to dream so high. A thought immediately came to mind when I heard her dream.

It is difficult to become a doctor in Papua. Schools often don’t have teachers. The subject matter is also far behind that of children in Java.

I really appreciate his enthusiasm. I hope she continues to be persistent with her dream, not getting tired of maintaining the flickering hope that she hangs in the sky. Hearing Maria’s dream, I feel both ashamed and small. This girl is in a remote area of Papua and has to face various limitations. But she still dared to dream big while I was afraid to even dream.

I often stop my steps just because I think of the obstacles that might arise. I often limit myself because I don’t dare to set my dreams high. I was too afraid of falling and being disappointed if I couldn’t achieve what I set out to do.

That evening, the orange tinge in the Papuan sky accompanied my learning from Maria. Learning to dare to dream big and work hard to make it happen. Soekarno once said, “dream as high as the sky. If you fall, you will fall among the stars”.

Ah, may you also remember your words that afternoon, Maria. Strive to realize your dreams. Become a doctor. I may only be able to pray for you, Maria. You are the little girl who reminded me to dare to dream big.

If you were brave enough to dream it, be brave enough to make it happen.