20 February 2017

Struggling in the Ocean of Logistics


September 2016, the medical service of RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan and RSA Nusa Waluya I has ended. After a year of sailing the waters of the archipelago, the two floating hospitals returned to the capital. And this is precisely the beginning for the logistics team to work hard to fix the existing equipment, equipment and medicines.

The logistics team worked together to tidy up and re-inventory the remaining medical and non-medical logistics left over from the 2016 medical services as the initial capital for this year’s services. Several types of drugs that have reached their full term must be destroyed properly so that they are not misused by irresponsible parties.

Medical equipment was repaired and recalibrated. Calibration is a process of checking to ensure that the medical equipment we use is still accurate and sensitive to treat patients. We also re-evaluated the list of medical equipment and medicines so that this year’s medical services can be more effective and efficient.

Every day, there are almost always volunteers who come to help organize the chaotic items in the logistics warehouse. They sort, record, and reorganize the items into shelves of medicines and medical equipment.

The process of preparing logistics is not easy. It requires precision and diligence to avoid mistakes. Doing this kind of routine work can be tedious at times. But when we think of the patients in remote areas, our spirits are reignited. Some of the staff and volunteers even gave up their weekend leisure time in the logistics warehouse to get the job done on time, before RSA set sail again.

Once the medical and non-medical logistics were prepared, we had to go back and forth to bring the items to the Floating Hospital and reorganize them on board. To avoid scattering, most of the items were arranged in plastic containers. We also sorted the logistics based on the color of the container lid to make it easier to find in the future.

At the secretariat office, we also made various efforts to improve. We renovated and beautified some parts to exude the spirit of service. Thank you to the volunteers who are willing to struggle with doctorSHARE in the “ocean” of logistics, a valuable struggle behind the scenes that is as important as medical services in the field.

dr. Angelina Vanessa is doctorSHARE’s Logistics Division Coordinator and Kei Island Empowerment Division Coordinator, Southeast Maluku