12 February 2018

RSA Nusa Waluya II Renovation Updates – January 2018


Greetings doctorSHARE Family!

We’d like to say thank you again for your tireless and continuous support. We are getting that much closer to completion of RSA Nusa Waluya II. With a team of 43 workers on the ground including our Project Manager, Pak Sumaryono, here are some quick updates from the renovation team at SJL Shipyard:

OUTFITTING PROGRESS – In mid-December 2017, Liputan Perkasa Barge went on our dry dock at the SJL Shipyard Buluminung in order to proceed with the replating of the bottom hull. The team has completed about 55% of the Hull Outfitting work, some minor pushbacks were experienced due to delayed plat material arrivals. We reached about 80% on all Deck Outfitting work, where some major work are close to completion such as the new ramp way for the patient carts connecting the embarkation point to the surgery room as well as patient wards. Additionally, the team’s completed the new railings, the bridge between the training rooms to the patient wards and the laundry shoot to enable easier laundry drop off from the patient wards to the laundry room below deck. Most of the replating have also been done on existing containers and the roof top.
The team continued to work on fabrication, reaching 60% overall completion;

INTERIOR PROGRESS – The team’s completed 70% of the overall interior work. Conversion of spaces/rooms into various major medical facilities such as the Operating Theatres, Recovery Room, Emergency Units, and also Patient Wards have been renovated as according to design; with walls covered with plywood and HPL and ready for vinyl covering. All non-medical rooms including the living quarters for doctors & nurses and Training rooms are completed. In-house administration rooms all located below deck, such as the Kitchen, Gathering Hall and Crew Rooms will be the next focus to prepare for the incoming arrival of various heavy equipments next week.

MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL & PIPING (ME&P) PROGRESS – Most lighting have been installed with the exception of the below deck since most major work including hull replating is still on progress. Some major mechanical work are in progress, mainly pending for the upcoming arrival of the Generator Set and Main Switch Board. The team’s completed the repairs and installations of the fire, fresh water, sewage, drain, fuel pipes while the ballast, bilge, cooling, exhaust pipes are still in progress at about 85% completion.

The team in PT. MASA are also assisting in establishing appropriate Safety Plans onboard; Life Saving and Fire Fighting Equipments are currently being prepared into their designated places. We’re also continuing to liase with various partners and sponsors of ours who have been generously assisting in this renovation, we’d like to do a special mention of the following companies:

  • PT. Samudera Indonesia – For sponsoring various heavy machinery items, including Generator Sets and our Main Switch Board; For coordinating and sponsoring all the freight shipments, comprising of in-kind donations from Samudera and other Companies, from Jakarta to Balikpapan.
  • PT. Rotaryana – For sponsoring all electric kitchen and laundry equipment and your team for the upcoming installation.
  • PT. RukunCipta – For sponsoring all medical-grade vinyls from POLYFLOR needed for our operating rooms and other medical facilities
  • PT. SOG – For sponsoring and shipping all navigation and communication equipment

We continue to seek your prayers and support for the progress and most importantly, the safety of our team on the ground. Thank you once again for sharing this journey with us.