18 May 2018

Medical Services with RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan in Asmat and Mimika Regencies, Papua (April 30 – May 14, 2018)


The doctorSHARE team arrived at Pomako Port, East Mimika District, Papua on Monday (30/4) and continued their journey to Agats, Asmat Regency, Papua. This medical service was not only held in Asmat, but also in two other places, namely Pomako Port and Kwamki Narama Village, Mimika.

The medical service entitled ‘Health as the Main Key to Build the Country’ deployed 17 medical volunteers and 10 non-medical volunteers, including the Floating Hospital (RSA) Ship Crew dr. Lie Dharmawan.

On May 2 – 8, 2018 the team carried out general medical treatment, minor surgery, and major surgery at the Atsy Health Center and Agats Port, Asmat, Papua. Based on the records, the total number of patients for general treatment and minor surgery was 713 patients.

After Asmat, the activity continued at Pomako Port, East Mimika on May 9-14, 2018. General treatment and surgical activities were held at Pomako Port, the total number of patients for general treatment, minor surgery, and major surgery at Pomako Port was 154 patients. General treatment and patient screening were also held in Kwamki Narama Village on Saturday (12/5). There were 237 general medical treatment patients in Kwamki Narama.

The total number of patients for the medical services that took place from April 30 to May 14, 2018 was 1088 patients. The number consisted of 980 general medicine patients, 78 minor surgery patients, and 30 major surgery patients.

During the medical services at Pomako Port, general medicine and surgical patients who came were not only from East Mimika District. Patients also came from Kwamki Narama, Karaka Island, Central East Mimika District, and Far East Mimika District.

In this medical service activity, doctorSHARE collaborated with the Directorate of Water Police (Ditpolair) Polda Papua. Dirpolair Polda Papua and Polres Agats and Mimika supported the medical service activities from start to finish. The process of mobilizing patients from villages and through waterways is carried out using police speedboats.

Director of Papua Police Waters, High Commissioner Yulius Bambang Karyanto said that the team involved in this activity had good cooperation. “Hopefully in the future, the relationship that has been maintained can continue continuously,” said Yulius Bambang.

The medical service activities in Papua ran smoothly thanks to the support and cooperation of various parties. “Hopefully next year we can do more long term services for Asmat, you (doctorSHARE’s Asmat medical service team) will continue the struggle,” said doctorSHARE Founder, dr. Lie Dharmawan to the team during free time in the operating room.