20 July 2021

Mission Not to be a Bahenol


Although not with Bahenol, the doctorSHARE volunteer team continued to provide free medical services in Labuan Aji Village, Tarano District, Sumbawa Regency, NTB. Yes, this is the place the hospital ship was going to before the disaster arrived. The hospital ship, Dr. Lie Dharmawan, sank in the waters of Bima, NTB, on June 16.

The concept of service that was going to be carried out on a floating basis was then changed with free medical services entirely on land, using village public facilities and conducting a ball pick-up system by directly visiting residents’ homes.

Medical services in Labuan Aji, were carried out for 8 days from July 10 to July 18, 2021. In this activity doctorSHARE involved 14 volunteers. 9 medical volunteers and 5 non-medical volunteers.

During the 8 days of service, the team managed to provide free medical treatment to 352 patients, categorized as 352 general treatments, 19 minor surgery patients, 12 patients with implanted family planning. From the examination results, the five most common diseases were Dyspepsia, Myalgia, OA, Dyslipidemia, and Hypertension.

In addition to providing free medical treatment, the team also provided health education to residents on the topics of PHBS (Healthy Clean Living Behavior), Covid – 19 and Vaccination.

Thank you to the local government, donors and volunteers and all parties involved in this service. Hopefully it will be useful and can reach friends who are far away.


“doctorSHARE Media Team”