10 April 2023

Dr. Lie Dharmawan II Floating Hospital Reaches Marabatuan Island, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan


In 2023, dr. Lie Dharmawan II Floating Hospital, started its first service on Marabatuan Island, an island in Sembilan Islands Sub-district, Kotabaru Regency, South Kalimantan.

To reach Marabatuan Island, the doctorSHARE team first had to take a relay air journey from Jakarta, Makassar and arrived in Kotabaru as the district capital at around 2:30 pm (March 13, 2023).

Arriving in Saijaan, the team of 17 medical and non-medical volunteers was welcomed by the Head of Kotabaru Health Office, Mr. Erwin Simanjuntak. Meanwhile, during the coordination meeting with the District Government, the team was received by the Regional Secretary, Mr. Said Ahmad.

After bada maghrib the real expedition was just about to begin. From the city the team had to move to Tanjung Lalak, the crossing point to Marabatuan Island. On the road trip with challenging terrain, the team was accompanied directly by the Head of the Health Department, and only arrived at midnight at 00.00 WITA.

Thanks to the residents who graciously accommodated and entertained because the team still had to wait until 04.00 at dawn to sail to Marabatuan Island.

Excitement, tiredness, sleepiness, but also horror mixed together when finally the local motorboat split the blue sea to Marabatuan Island.

Not a short trip! The route to Marabatuan took about 7 hours. But all the sleepiness and tiredness disappeared as soon as we received a warm welcome from the Marabatuan community. There were local dances and rites in the welcoming ceremony that was held in the morning at around 09.00 as soon as the team set foot in the capital of the Sembilan Islands sub-district.

Meanwhile, theĀ  (RSA) Dr. Lie Dharmawan II Floating Hospital moored on Marabatuan Island in the afternoon of the same day after a long voyage from Muara Angke Harbor, Jakarta.

Medical services began the next day (15/03) with great enthusiasm from the locals. They flocked to the medical center, including residents from several small islands nearby.

Within 5 days (March 15 – 19) the team managed to serve nearly 1,000 patients, respectively 100 minor surgeries, 17 major surgeries, 1 caesarean, 2 curettage, 74 obgyn, 30 family planning, 180 dental, 570 general.

The ten most dominant diseases suffered by people on the island are Hypercholesterol or Cholesterol, Hypertension, stomach, tooth and supporting structure disorders, gout, arthritis, ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection) and diabetes.

In addition to curative services, on 20/03 the team specifically provided training to the general public, primary and secondary school students, and health workers. The trainings provided were Basic Life Support and Massacre by surgeons and anesthesiologists with other teams, case studies and ultrasound training by obstetricians targeting health workers in Pulau Sembilan sub-district, as well as field trips.

On 21/03 the doctorSHARE team was released with tears of joy by the community and colleagues of the Marabatuan health workers. The Marabatuan expedition was declared a very satisfactory completion when the team landed back in Jakarta on 22/03.