Allianz, GIFT and doctorSHARE Synergy to Accelerate and Improve Health Services for People in Indonesia’s Remote Islands using Hospital Ship


Jakarta, May 8, 2024 – As an archipelago, Indonesia has serious geographical challenges in providing access to quality health services. Based on BPS data (2022), the percentage of access to basic health services in Indonesia is 79.33% and based on the Bappenas report (2022) there are 11 provinces in Indonesia where more than 50% of villages in the region have difficulty accessing hospital services and the area consists partly of islands.

This condition is increasingly difficult with the still far ratio of the number of doctors in Indonesia where according to WHO standards ideally 1: 1000 patients but currently at 1: 1,724; while for specialists at 1: 6,666.

To address the above health service limitations, Yayasan Dokter Peduli has since 2013 implemented a Hospital Ship program designed to serve remote island communities in Indonesia. In 2024, doctorSHARE operates two hospital ships which are currently serving Misool Island in Raja Ampat Regency, Southwest Papua; and Benjina Island in Aru Islands Regency, Maluku.

At the beginning of 2024, Allianz Regional Asia Pacific and Global Institute for Tomorrow (GIFT) launched the Ascent 2030 initiative with the theme Accelerating Healthcare for Indonesia’s Remote Island Communities, an activity that involves various management representatives in various countries where Allianz serves to conduct business and managerial studies related to innovative health programs in Indonesia.

Allianz and GIFT collaborated with doctorSHARE to review the development of the concept of Hospital Ship to serve communities in remote islands in Indonesia where there are no adequate health facilities (DBTFMS). Allianz and GIFT, accompanied by doctorSHARE Management, visited the Nusa Waluya II Ship Hospital on Misool Island and discussed with policy makers in Raja Ampat Regency. Through this study, it is hoped that it will provide recommendations and alternative solutions so that the implementation of the Ship Hospital will be of higher quality, more accessible and sustainable.

“The activity conducted by Allianz and GIFT to see firsthand the health services in remote islands is a very good initiative,” said Tutuk Utomo, Managing Director of doctorSHARE. The direct visit of Allianz and GIFT teams from various countries to see medical services in the field and then conduct studies and analysis related to program management and operations has helped doctorSHARE to sharpen its organizational strategies and operations and can be a reference for relevant stakeholders in implementing and developing similar programs.

“The Allianz Ascent 2030 program is part of Allianz’s commitment to build “Purposeful Leadership” in the Allianz Asia Pacific region. The participants of this program are encouraged to go beyond being a leader, but also to give back and help others. Together with our partners, GIFT and doctorSHARE, we continue to share and benefit the community. We remain committed to developing our talent and strengthening our sustainability initiatives for the communities in which we operate.” said Alexander Grenz, Country Manager and President Director of Allianz Life Indonesia.