30 April 2011

doctorSHARE-CCI: Happy Washing Hands and Brushing Teeth


On Saturday, April 30, 2011, doctorSHARE and Care Channels Indonesia visited communities in Pasar Baru, Tangerang, Banten. Our visit was in the context of counseling and medical examination for second time.

The teams is dr. Grace Shalmont, dr. Wiliati Suirwan, Michael Shalmont and Briggitte K. Chandrawidjaya. We arrived on location on 8:40 am. The children who attended were 17 children and their parents. We see a high enthusiasm and support for this activity.

The event starts on 09.00 am. The event opened with the opening prayer led by Ms. Magda. The theme this time is how to wash hands and how to brush teeth properly. We bring this because the theme is fundamental to public health and must be applied since the early to age.

The first session was led by dr. Wiliati Suirwan. dr. Wiliati explain how to wash hands properly. dr. Wiliati demonstrated a proper and followed by all children. Mothers also do not miss practicing how to wash hands properly. It turned out that almost all children and parents they will never know exactly how to wash their hands well, but it is very basic and very important in disease prevention.

dr. Wiliati also explains why we need to get used to wash hands properly, the benefits obtained, and any losses can be avoided. The most important thing is to apply to the thinking for children and parents daily life that hand is a place where germs can breed, and consequently the disease may arise for ourselves. Hand washing should be applied, especially before eating, and after the toilet.

Extension was followed by dr. Grace Shalmont. dr. Grace brought counseling on how to brush teeth properly. It is also important to wash hands. In detail, dr. Grace explains why a good brushing is important, the benefits and losses in teeth brushing.

The frequency of brushing is not sufficient in maintaining oral hygiene. How to brush your teeth properly is more important in maintaining oral hygiene.

dr. Grace also demonstrated by steps in brushing teeth. The kids follow her because they’ve advise to bring their toothbrushes from home.

After the extension is completed, we invited the children to practice it. We could see, the kids who were correct, and those who were have to repeated. The children are very happy in the practice of washing hands and brushing teeth. Most of the kids can do it right, and made us happy because they understand and can practice in their daily life.

After finished, we proceed with a medical examination for each child. According to the information we get from Magda, at first the children are still rather difficult to adapt to the feeding program. Now the kids have started to receive the food that we have set by four healthy five perfect (empat sehat lima sempurna).

Development of children with good views of body weight and height increased from the previous examination. The condition of the children were in good condition.

The event finished on. 11:30 pm. We will go back to counseling and medical examination in June 2011.