24 October 2015

National Doctor’s Day: What do doctorSHARE Volunteers Say?


Lie A. Dharmawan
October 24th is celebrated as National Doctor’s Day. The doctor profession is categorized as a noble profession because it helps to nourish the sick. However, a doctor is not only required to treat sick people but often does other commendable work outside his field of work.

Wahidin Sudiro Husodo for example. He was not only a doctor but also an initiator of the first national modern national organization, Budi Utomo. The founding of Budi Utomo is commemorated as “National Awakening Day”. Dr. Wahidin is one of our proud doctors, just like many Indonesian doctors who are appreciated by our people. Dirgahayu Para Dokter Indonesia!

Doctors try to share light to the surrounding, no matter how small the beam of light is. May the light be able to bring new hope with the wind.

Marselina Mieke Yashika Iskandar
Being a doctor is not just a profession but more about devotion and service and how we can share “love” to those in need.

Luyanti, MARS
Doctor is a profession whose “identity” and duties do not depend on working hours but stay for life. There is no choice but to be dedicated in this profession and develop compassion as a passion to fulfill the noble task as a doctor.

Christ Hally
We are all created from GOD with brain and heart. So if someone is suffering or dying in front of you, help them with all of your knowledge and deep love from your heart…

Riny Sari Bachtiar, MARS
For me, being a doctor is being a person who understands a little bit more about health science and is obliged to utilize that knowledge as much as possible.

Nidia Limarga
Being a doctor means being ready to serve, help, assist and try to give the best for patients and others.

Fajar Hamonangan
Being a doctor for me is learning the science of sincerity, sincerity against fatigue to help unknown people who are sometimes not necessarily appreciated by that person.

Angelina Vanessa
Being a doctor is an extraordinary gift from God. We can be an extension of God’s hand in helping others, although God is the ultimate healer. I hope all doctors can interpret the great responsibility that we currently carry. Serve all patients with sincerity. Without a good heart, all knowledge will be in vain.

Debby Kurniawan
In my opinion, being a doctor means having the opportunity and obligation to always learn, follow the ever-evolving science, understand people/patients, and also learn about life.

Herliana Yusuf
A doctor must serve as much as possible without discriminating against patients and not thinking about the rewards that will be obtained.

Cynthia C. Jonachan
For me, becoming a doctor is a dream come true. I can use my skills to help people around me who are in need. Happy National Doctor’s Day! J

Rocky Ellery James Tumbelaka
Being a doctor means being someone who not only wants to help but can help others.

Being a doctor is the joy of sharing, sharing love with others in providing services. It is a joy to be able to alleviate their suffering. 😉

Antonny Halim, MARS
If you want to be rich, don’t become a doctor! Doctor is a calling of the heart to do whatever it takes for people to be healthy and live a quality life.

Arwinder Singh, BS
Being a doctor is a service to the country, the patient and yourself! Work according to your education in the hope of improving the quality of life of the nation.

Amarvir Singh
Doctors are blessed to be able to help people who are in need of help.

Karnel Singh
doctor is the amazing care provider!

Widiawaty, MM
A doctor is required not only to cure the patient but also to explore the patient’s feelings or mental condition. Many diseases come from the patient’s mental condition.

Illustration By: Silvana Novia Sari