26 January 2016

Open Donation For Malnourished Children in Southeast Molluca

Indonesia is a rich country, but many of its people are living below the poverty line. At doctorSHARE, we have worked to help those with medical need since our founding on November 19th, 2009.
The variety and frequency of our service offerings have steadily increased in response to the needs we observed in marginalized communities: poverty, debilitating diseases (e.g., HIV/AIDS), orphans, etc. Many children from such communities suffer as a result of their parents’ mistakes.
The future of these kids is our collective responsibility. As such, one of doctorSHARE’s programs, Therapeutic Feeding Center, provides temporary housing and intensive care to severely malnourished children. We hope to improve their condition to ensure them a chance for survival before returning them to their families/communities.
The pictures posted here illustrate the conditions of some of the children we care for. If you would like to help, you can transfer your donation to:
BCA c/o Yayasan Dokter Peduli (doctorSHARE)
Acct no: 198.550.7777
Note: Panti Rawat Gizi (Therapeutic Feeding Center)
Please send your transfer note to our mail: donation@doctorshare.org
For further information, contact the organization at:
+62 (21) 65866391
Your help means the world for these kids. Thank you!