30 May 2017

Initial Medical Service of Floating Hospital (RSA) dr. Lie Dharmawan in 2017 (May 7-27, 2017)


In this first medical service, doctorSHARE again served the community in three places at once in Papua Province. The first medical service was in Hobong Village, Sentani District, Jayapura Regency on May 9, 2017. The activity took place at SDN Inpres Kampung Hobong. The series of medical services consisted of minor surgery activities that served 34 patients, as well as a general treatment center with a total of 491 patients.

May 11-15, 2017 the doctorSHARE team continued medical services in Sarmi Regency. Activities were centered on Yarsun Island and Bonggo Beach, West Bonggo District, Sarmi Regency. The implementation of minor surgical activities was focused on Yarsun Island, Kepulauan Tiga, West Bonggo District, Sarmi Regency. While the implementation of major surgery was carried out on the Floating Hospital (RSA) dr. Lie Dharmawan which was anchored not far from Yarsun Island. There were 27 major surgery patients and 77 minor surgery patients.

In addition to major and minor surgery, a general medical center was also held with a total of 539 patients. The activity was carried out in two places namely Bonggo Beach, West Bonggo District, Sarmi Regency with a total of 416 patients served. Then 123 patients were carried out on Yarsun Island.

This activity was carried out in collaboration with the Papua Regional Water Police (Polair) who also sent medical and non-medical personnel and logistical assistance. A warm welcome for this medical activity also came from the Head of Bonggo District, Freddy Sawefkoy, who expressed his gratitude for the implementation of medical activities in his area.

According to the Acting. Secretary General of doctorSHARE, Dr. Marselina Mieke who also attended the medical service, the initial target of the number of major surgery patients per day was five patients, while for minor surgery was 15 patients. “This means that we have exceeded the initial target,” she said.

May 19-24, 2017 medical services continued on Mbromsi Island, Aimando District, Papua Province. The general medical center started the service on the first day (19/5) with 555 patients. On the next day (20/5), data collection or screening was conducted for prospective major and minor surgery patients.

The series of major and minor surgeries took place on May 22-24, 2017. Major surgery was performed in the operating room of RSA Dr. Lie Dharmawan with a total of 23 patients. While minor surgery was held in Mbromsi Village with a total of 39 patients.

The local government gave its appreciation to doctorSHARE’s medical service activities. “We really accept this activity well, which can reach several villages in Aimando District to provide free medical services,” said Jhoni Rumbaibab as Head of Pasi Health Center, Aimando District.

Pasi Health Center is the only closest health access that the people of Aimando District can go to. Jhoni also revealed that the mobile health center program is also carried out to reach the community. “For the past five years, we have been operating without a doctor,” he added.

The medical service that took place in Mbromsi Village, Mbromsi Island, also reached a number of patients from 5 other villages, namely Nyangsoren, Saribra, Karabai, Pasi, and Samber Pasi Villages.

“The number of patients in the medical service in Mbromsi Island was lower than expected, but even so, everything went smoothly,” said the Medical Service Field Coordinator, Susanto.

In addition to providing medical services, the doctorSHARE team also visited two schools on Mbromsi Island, namely SDN 1 Bromsi and SMPN 1 Padaido to provide health counseling. The materials presented in this counseling include Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS) and the dangers of smoking.

In carrying out its medical services this time, doctorSHARE was also fully supported by Pasi Health Center and Papua Police. Due to this collaboration, medical services on Bromsi Island can be carried out smoothly and as planned.

The Director of Papua Police, Kombes Pol Yulius Bambang Karyanto expressed his support for the implementation of RSA activities in the Papua region. “This is also in line with our vision and mission in serving the citizens,” he said. This activity coincides with the Bhayangkara Safari activities by the Papua Police so that this activity can be carried out smoothly.