18 June 2019

Medical Services of RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan in Kei Besar Island, Southeast Maluku (June 16 – 22, 2019)


DoctorSHARE volunteers together with Floating Hospital (RSA) dr. Lie Dharmawan again served the community in Kei Besar Island, Southeast Maluku on June 16 – 22, 2019. A total of 24 medical and non-medical volunteers served the community in Ohoi Langgiarfer, West South Kei Besar District, Southeast Maluku Regency. Langgiarfer can be reached about 60 minutes from Elat Harbor by sea.

The doctorSHARE team arrived on Monday (17/6) at Ohoi Langgiarfer, some people had already welcomed and waited at the people’s harbor. The community worked together to help lean the speedboat on the coast which was struggling due to strong winds. RSA dr Lie Dharmawan could not dock due to the absence of a dock, so the team needed a speedboat for mobilization.

Upon arrival in Langgiarfer, the team of volunteers immediately conducted an initial screening or examination of patients who had gathered and waited since morning at the Langgiarfer Village Office. Some patients even came from other villages tens of kilometers away from Langgiarfer. This initial screening is done to determine whether the patient will undergo minor or major surgery the next day. One of the patients from Soindat Village, Selvi Ohoiner, was willing to take an hour’s journey using a longboat or what the Kei people call a speed boat to have the lump on her hand checked.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s far away, because there (Soindat) health access is difficult, fortunately there is doctorSHARE here,” said Selvi while waiting for the examination call in front of the village office. On the second day (18/6), medical services were divided into two locations, major surgeries were carried out at RSA Dr. Lie Dharmawan while for minor surgeries, general medical centers, pregnancy and obstetric examinations (Obgyn) at the Langgiarfer Village Office which was converted into a temporary clinic. Until the end of the medical service (22/6) a total of 44 patients underwent both minor and major surgeries.

The Major Surgery Coordinator, Dr. Reynaldo Ivan Lubis, reported that there were 14 major surgery patients with Hernia, Lipoma, and Breast Tumor cases. There were 30 minor surgical patients with cases of Lipoma, Atheroma Cyst, Papilloma, and Ganglion. “There were 13 cases of surgery for Lipoma. Lipoma is a kind of fat tissue that grows abnormally, if pressed it does not hurt,” said Minor Surgery Coordinator, Dr. Cynthia Christine Jonachan.

According to Dr. Yolanda Jenny Pratana, 30 patients were served during the medical service in Langgiarfer. People who came to consult and be given medicine were recorded as suffering from cough, fever, gout, rheumatism, and cholesterol. Meanwhile, Dr. Lisa Kriestanto, who was in charge of pregnancy and gynecological examinations (obgyn) received 30 patients. Five patients had their pregnancies checked and the rest were limited to pregnancy consultation.

DoctorSHARE’s medical services on Kei Besar Island have been available since 2009. The service began with the establishment of doctorSHARE’s Nutrition Care Center (PRG) in Elat, Kei Besar for basic medical services for the Kei Besar community. According to the Field Coordinator, Dr. Angelina Vanessa, the selection of the service site in Ohoi Langgiarfer is a form of equal distribution of doctorSHARE service areas. “Because in Langgiarfer the ship cannot dock at the port. So it’s also a challenge for the team. Because some of the doctors are not used to being on ships and are seasick,” said Dr. Vanessa.

The theme of this medical service is “Stepping Together to Realize Healthy Eastern Indonesia”. This is in line with doctorSHARE’s mission to improve Indonesia’s health status, especially in Eastern Indonesia through providing access to holistic health services and sustainable innovative programs based on the spirit of volunteerism.