21 November 2020

doctorSHARE collaborates with POLAIRUD to provide Medical Services


The doctorSHARE team once again provided medical services to people in need. This time the medical service was carried out at Krematorium Nirwana, Bekasi, West Java, on November 19-20, 2020. This medical service was carried out by doctorSHARE in collaboration with the Air and Water Police (POLAIRUD) in the framework of the 70th Anniversary of POLAIRUD.

This time, the medical service was aimed at residents around Tarumajaya Village, Bekasi with a target of 300 patients in two days of service.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all patients and the doctorSHARE and POLAIRUD teams continued to follow health protocols as recommended by the government by implementing 3M, namely, Wearing masks, Washing hands, and Maintaining a safe distance. DoctorSHARE and POLAIRUD who are in charge of medical services use level 2 PPE in order to continue optimizing the health services provided to the community.

DoctorSHARE volunteers who joined in this medical service consisted of 7 general practitioners, 2 nurses, 3 non-medical volunteers, and 1 pharmacist. The POLAIRUD team also assisted the medical team in providing services to the residents.

In two days of medical services, the volunteer team managed to examine 296 patients. The most common disease detected was hypertension with 99 patients.

“doctorSHARE Media Team”