20 August 2021

Cataract Surgery at Floating Hospital


As a long-term program at doctorSHARE, the Floating Hospital Nusa Waluya II since June 2021, has provided free medical services in the Riau Islands region, precisely on Kundur Island, Tanjung Batu District, Tanjung Balai Karimun Regency. Of the many medical service programs carried out, most recently, the Team held a cataract surgery social service.

This service was carried out by doctorSHARE in collaboration with PERDAMI (Indonesian Ophtalmologist Association) Riau branch which was held for 2 days on August 14 – 15, 2021. Of the 300 recidents who registered, the medical team managed to perform operations on 108 patients after undergoing several screening processes.

“This is the first time doctorSHARE has conducted a cataract surgery since eleven years ago. Hopefully this program can be continued in the years to coma to reach our brothers and sisters who are far away,” said dr. Ivan Reynaldo Lubis, Director of Nusa Waluya II Floating Hospital.

Head of PERDAMI Riau branch, dr. Ehandi NUkman, SP.M said, cataracts are one of the biggest and most worrying causes of blindness in Indonesia. According to him, cataract surgery is nothing to be afraid of, because the operation is very fast, with very sophisticated equipment with experience doctors and fast recovery process. Ehandi added that doing cataract surgery on floating hospital was the first experience for him. He hopes that the social actions carried out by doctorSHARE can continue to be carried out for the benefit of many people.

While on Kundur Island, Riau, the medical team of Nusa Waluya II has provided free medical services to 3.640 general polyclinic patients, 11 emergency room patients, 413 maternal and child obstetrics patients, 422 dental patients and 285 minor/major surgery patients.

Nusa Waluya II Floating Hospital was first launched in November 2018, the main target is to reach the remote island. As the world’s first barge hospital, Nusa Waluya II, it was designed a long-term service program goals (3-6 months duration per location), which can provide primary and advanced health services (such as obstetrics, gynecology, dentistry), and implement programs community empowerment and local medical personnel.

Those facilities equivalent to a type C hospital on land, this barge hospital is able to reach the remote island so that it brings closer access to health services and specialization services to the community. The presence of this floating hospital will not replacing the existing health facilities, but will instead strengthen the primary health services that were first built by the government in the areas.




“doctorSHARE Media Team”