22 July 2023

Beware of the Dangers of Diabetes in Children, Can Hinder Their Growth and Development


In order to celebrate National Children’s Day which falls on July 23, doctorSHARE in collaboration with Neo Soho Mall held a talk show aimed at providing education to realize proper parenting in children’s growth and development and especially to increase the role of families in dealing with nutritional status problems in their children.

According to SSGI (Indonesia Nutrition Status Survey 2021), the prevalence of overweight or overweight in children 0-5 years old in Indonesia is at 3.8%. Indeed, this figure is the smallest when compared to the problem of stunting 24.4%, underweight 17%, and wasted 7.1%.

Highlighting the prevalence of overweight or overweight in children which generally occurs in urban areas, this time doctorSHARE in collaboration with Neo Soho Mall held a talk show with the theme “Alert! Danger of Diabetes in children, can hamper their growth and development”.

With this theme, doctorSHARE invites the community and Indonesian people, especially parents, to be aware of diabetes in children, which mostly starts from overweight or obesity problems.

For doctorSHARE, this is a form of consistency towards the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) program as one of doctorSHARE’s main programs. Although below stunting, wasted, and underweight, overweight remains a serious threat or problem.

This year’s National Children’s Day is the 39th commemoration based on Presidential Decree Number 44 of 1984 which was passed on July 19, 1984. The implementation of this momentum is a form of respect, protection, and fulfillment of children’s rights as the nation’s next generation.

This year, National Children’s Day 2023 carries the theme “Protected Children, Advanced Indonesia”. Indonesian children, who make up one-third of the total population, play a strategic role when Indonesia reaches 100 years of independence in 2045. They are the future leaders of the nation who are expected to become a golden generation that is smart, healthy, superior, and characterized, based on strong moral values.