, 2 December 2023

Winning over 150 countries, doctorSHARE’s Floating Hospital INNOVATION makes INDONESIA proud


Indonesia is shaking up the world again. The innovation of a floating hospital for health access for 3T communities by the non-profit organization doctorSHARE received international recognition after winning an innovation award in the health sector outperforming more than 5,000 organizations / companies from 150 countries in the world.
The Zayed Sustainability Prize 2023 itself is part of the World Climate Action Summit (WCAS) COP28 which was held at Expo City Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Friday, December 1, 2023, attended by presidents and a number of heads of state in the world, including President Jokowi.
President Joko Widodo was seen sitting next to UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. During the event, the doctorSHARE foundation from Indonesia won the health innovation award which was directly given by the President of PEA. Proud of the nation’s achievements and inspiration, President Jokowi congratulated Tutuk Utomo Nuradhy as the representative of doctorSHARE.

Before shaking the world, the floating hospital program for remote areas was initiated by Dr. Lie Dharmawan as the founder of doctorSHARE. His story went viral in the country as he built the world’s first private floating hospital ship by selling his own house. 14 years of reaching out to the nation, doctorSHARE is known to have directly impacted more than 350 thousand people in all remote areas of the country.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Zayed Sustainability Prize for recognizing our organization’s work and for giving us this prestigious award,” said Tutuk Utomo Nuradhy – Managing Director of doctorSHARE as the organization’s representative on the night of the prestigious award.

“This award helps doctorSHARE to improve services to the underprivileged, optimizing the use of our floating hospitals to reach Indonesia’s Frontier, Outermost, and Marginalized areas, providing life-changing healthcare for themselves, their families, and their communities,” Tutuk added explaining the planned use of the Zayed Sustainability Prize prize funds. At the same time, Dr. Lie Dharmawan as the founder of doctorSHARE expressed his deep gratitude and invited all parties to be more enthusiastic, collaborate more massively to bring better access to health services for peripheral communities, not only in Indonesia, but also internationally.

“Congratulations to doctorSHARE, many parties see and recognize that what we do (our services) are indeed useful for humanity. Thank you to the Zayed Sustainability Prize and the entire doctorSHARE family, wherever you are,” said Lie.

“We have become a world player, this makes me retire at the age of 100,” Lie joked, giving an injection of enthusiasm to his team.