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Floating Hospital
RSA Nusa Waluya II

doctorSHARE’s third floating hospital and the world’s 1st hospital barge, RSA Nusa Waluya II is a joint collaboration between doctorSHARE and PT. Multi Agung Sarana Ananda (MASA). The floating hospital will be the designated secondary-level health care facility for northern Tanimbar (Maluku Tenggara Barat) treating patients in need of more specialised medical attention who are referred to the floating hospital by the local Puskesmas. This will ensure the floating hospital’s smooth integration into the existing local healthcare system.

Having spent the first few months in Palu, Central Sulawesi to support the recovery of the Tsunami stricken area, RSA 3 will be on her way to Tanimbar, Maluku Tenggara Barat.
Main Issue

Indonesians living in rural and remote areas face the following two problems: weak primary healthcare services and almost non-existent secondary specialized care. Vital infrastructures such as roads, transportation and basic health services are poorly distributed, especially in the Eastern part of our nation, where it is geographically most-dispersed by bodies of water. Even though the infrastructure is in place, significant numbers of primary healthcare facilities has no doctors.

To help our brothers and sisters in these remote communities, a moving hospital via water is one of the solutions.
Our Solutions

Building on the significant experiences gathered from operating the other two floating hospitals, doctorSHARE aims for a bigger facility, equipped with more medical facilities to allow for greater scope of medical interventions which will enable us to carry out a broader sustainable program. Together with PT MASA, doctorSHARE built RSA Nusa Waluya II (RSA 3) from a renovated and refitted accommodation barge previously used in the oil and gas industry. She is designed with greater sustainability in mind and will provide two main services: primary and specialized medical services similar to a Type C landed-hospital, as well as empowerment programs for local healthcare providers and local people through a community-based approach. RSA 3 is intentionally designed as a barge to birth closer to island-based regions, self sustaining and highly accessible to surrounding residents living around the island clusters. She will not replace existing facilities, but will work side-by-side with the Indonesian government to ensure easier access to specialized care and to strengthen the existing primary care system provided by the government (in the form of Puskesmas/ midwifery centers).

In light of the catastrophic aftermath of Central Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami on 28th September 2018, RSA 3 was mobilized to help Palu with post-disaster rehabilitation through the provision of curative medical intervention, health campaigns to prevent the spread of diseases as well as trauma healing support. Subsequently after Palu (Q2 2019), RSA 3 will provide support to the 110,425 people residing in the 57 islands of Southeast Maluku Regency (Kabupaten MTB). She will be positioned in the northern part of Tanimbar Island, one of Maluku’s poorest regencies with high infant and maternal mortality rates. She will be the designated secondary-level health care facility, treating patients in need of more specialised medical attention who are referred to the floating hospital by the local Puskesmas.

November 2018
Main target
North Tanimbar (Maluku Tenggara Barat) – Molu Maru island, Fordata island & northern part of Yamneda island
Barge size
23 x 45m
Basic & Advanced Medical Procedures (minor & major surgeries)
ER, Pharmacy, ECG, USG, Laboratory, Radiology, 2 Operating Theatres, ICU, Resuscitation Space, Consultation Room, Dental Clinic, Eye Clinic, Patient Examination Rooms, 50 In-Patient Beds
RSA Nusa Waluya II
2018 Impacts
Patient Treatment & Consultation
Dental Treatment
Minor Surgeries
Major Surgeries
OBGYN Consultation
Health Campaign
Program Head
dr. Rosa Yulise Putri
Team size
Average ~35 medical and non-medical personnels
3 full-timers
27-32 volunteers
Medical team
– General Practitioner
– Anesthesiologist
– Dentist
– Surgeon
– Surgical Nurse
– Anesthetic Nurse
– Nurse
– Midwife
– Pharmacist
Non-Medical team
– 12 Marine Crew
– 1 Videographer
– 1 Fotographer
– 1 Cook

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