Outreach Programs

Rumah Sakit Apung
dr. Lie Dharmawan

doctorSHARE’s floating hospital is a program established in 2013 to address the needs of deprived communities in remote Indonesian islands with little or no access to healthcare facilities due to geographic and financial constraints. With it’s small wooden built, RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan has sailed to serve the communities in small remote islands of western and eastern parts of Indonesia, conducting hundreds of major and minor surgeries, as well as giving health examinations and treatments for thousands of local residents.

2019 Location Schedule

Timeline Distric Province
7 – 13 March Senayang, Kabupaten Lingga Kepulauan Riau
14 – 20 March Benan, Kabupaten Lingga Kepulauan Riau
13 – 20 April Semau, Kabupaten Kupang NTT
27 April – 7 May Patisirawalang, Kabupaten Flores Timur NTT
10 – 18 May Hadakewa, Kabupaten Lembata NTT
15 – 22 June Tanimbar Kei, Kabupaten Maluku Tenggara Maluku
5 – 13 July Agats, Kabupaten Asmat Papua
3 – 10 August Gane, Kabupaten Halmahera Selatan Maluku Utara
12 – 18 August Saketa, Kabupaten Halmahera Selatan Maluku Utara
7 – 13 September Lembe, Kota Bitung Sulawesi Utara
14 – 20 September Bangka, Kota Bitung Sulawesi Utara
5 – 12 October Kabupaten Kutai Kertanegara Kalimantan Timur

Main Issue

Indonesians living in rural and remote areas face the following problems:

  • Weak primary healthcare services
  • Almost non-existent secondary specialized care
  • Vital infrastructures such as roads, transportation and basic health services are poorly distributed. Especially in the Eastern part of our nation, where it is geographically most-dispersed by bodies of water
  • Even though the infrastructure is in place, significant numbers of primary healthcare facilities has no doctors
To help our brothers and sisters in these remote communities, a moving hospital via water is one of the solutions.
Our Solution

Being the first and smallest private floating hospital in the world, RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan (RSA 1) is equipped with medical facilities similar to a Type D landed-hospital.

With this fleet, doctorSHARE team provides free basic & advanced medical services such as general check up, maternity check, dental check, minor & major operations; as well as basic health education & training for the local communities living in rural and remote regions without proper healthcare access.

An average of 8 medical trips are held annually. A medical service trip has a duration of 7-10 days.

March 2013
Main Target
Unreached Eastern island regions in Indonesia
Fleet Size
6.5 x 23.5m; draft 4.4m
Basic & Advanced Medical Procedures (minor & major surgeries)
ECG, USG, Laboratory, Operating Theatre, Resuscitation Space, Patient Examination Room
RSA dr. Lie Dharmawan
2019 Impacts
Patient Treatment & Consultation
Dental Treatment
Minor Surgeries
Major Surgeries
Program Head
dr. Stephanie
Team size
Average 18-22 medical and non-medical personnels
2 full-timers
16-18 volunteers
Medical Team
– General Practitioner
– Anesthesiologist
– Dentist (Optional)
– Surgeon
– Surgical Nurse
– Anesthetic Nurse
– Nurse
– Midwife
– Pharmacist
Non-Medical Team
– 6 Marine Crew
– 1 Videographer
– 1 Photographer
– 1 F&B person

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