Outreach Programs

Flying Doctors

The Flying Doctors is a key program established to address the needs of people in the areas that can only be accessed by air or by-foot. doctorSHARE partners with several pilots of small aircrafts that have long served the mountains of Papua as well as the support of local governments; we are committed through our Flying Doctors to reach these remote communities.

2020 Location Schedules:

Timeline Distric Province
6 – 14 April Rondowoing, Kabupaten Manggarai Timur NTT
15 – 22 June Telo, Kabupaten Nias Selatan Sumatera Utara
23 – 30 June Mandrehe, Kabupaten Nias Barat Sumatera Utara
10 – 17 July Kota Wamena Papua
21 – 27 July Kabupaten Puncak Jaya Papua

Main Issue

Survey result from fieldwork to certain locations in Papua and polling result from discussion with the community and related stakeholders revealed that this program is urgently needed by people who live in the mountainous regions to open up access for health services.

This program can be treated as a proactive intention supporting government programs to reach inaccessible community.

This health assistance is targeted specifically to reach people who live in remote areas with limited access to health services as well as sufficient information.
Our Solutions

The need to healthcare access for people who live in the mountainous regions of Papua has inspired doctorSHARE team to establish this program. Flying Doctors is the only way to access those areas which cannot be reached by Floating Hospital. The support provided by aircraft pilots pioneer with lots of experience in providing service in the mountainous regions of Papua strengthen doctorSHARE team’s willingness to set up Flying Doctors program.

The health assistance provided through Flying Doctors program included (but not limited to) free medical treatment, minor surgery, health counseling, and community development (various trainings provided to local people). Location mapping and continuous evaluation of service provided are our attempt to enable the success of this program to fulfill the need of the community we serve.

March 2015
Main target
Unreached Mountainous Regions or Islands in Indonesia
Small Airplane/ Helicopter
General Treatment, Minor Surgery, Health Counseling, Community Development
Flying Doctors
2019 Impact
Patient Treatment & Consultation
Minor Surgeries
Program Head
Rodex Jordan Simangunsong
Team size
Average 7-10 medical and non-medical personnels
2 full-timers
5-8 volunteers
Medical team
– General Practitioner
– Dentist (Optional)
– Surgeon
– Surgical Nurse
– Nurse
– Pharmacist
Non-Medical team
– 1 Videographer
– 1 Photographer

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