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Disaster Aid Response

Geographically, Indonesia is located on the meeting point of three tectonic plates that resulted in vulnerability to natural disasters such as earthquake, volcanic eruptions, and tsunami. Other than natural disasters, Indonesia also often suffers from man-made disasters such as forest fires, floods, and landslides.

The government has established disaster management system to deal with this sudden condition. One of the methods is engaging private sectors in disaster management. doctorSHARE is listed as one of government’s partners in disaster preparedness in health cluster. When disaster occurs and medical supports are required, doctorSHARE will be immediately deployed to the affected areas.

All Indonesian regions that are affected by disasters, where medical intervention is needed.
Main Issue

As an archipelago of 17,508 islands and a population close to 167 million people, with limited infrastructure and access in some remote areas, especially in the health sector, makes the Indonesian people vulnerable when disaster strikes.

The government needs to collaborate with all parties to participate in disaster management when a disaster occurs. doctorSHARE as one of the competent stakeholders in the medical field, is committed to contribute in assisting the central and local governments in providing emergency response and rehabilitation services to heal the disaster victims so that they can be hopeful and lead a normal life. “

Our Solutions

Medical services in the form of FDs for remote mountainous regions, RSA for coastal areas and land medical services for disaster sites close to the doctorSHARE head office / branch.

Humanitarian assistance in the form of food items and / or non-food items according to the needs of the community at the disaster site.
Disaster Aid Response
2018 Impacts
Lombok earthquake
Minor surgery
Medical services
Palu earthquake
General medical services
Surgical Poly Services
Obgyn Poly Services
Major surgery
Minor surgery
Dental services
Trauma healing
Disaster Aid Response
2019 Impacts
Banten-Lampung (Krakatau) earthquake
General Medical Services
Minor surgeries
Sentani flood
General medical services
Program Head
Rodex Jordan Simangunsong
Team size
Average 3 -22 medical and non-medical personnels (depend on the size of disaster)
3 fulltimer
7-12 volunteer
Medical team
– General Practitioner
– Nurse
– Pharmacist
Non-Medical team
– Videographer
– Photographer
– Logistics

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